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Pros And Cons Of Online Education

Online education has come and taken over the empire of education. It is now working side by side with the real time also known as regular education system that is being followed by the world. Through which education has become easy, there also things which have made this education system a problem as well. it does not...

Petrol Price Hike: Reasons And Effects

The most annoying factor for the whole nation of Pakistan is the petrol price hike in the country on a continuous basis. A notice was issued to the Federal Government and the Ministry of Petroleum to mention the actual reasons of inflation in prices of petrol. The Lahore High Court Judge “Azmat Saeed” has ordered to present a report on...

How To Remove Dark Circles

How To Remove Dark Circles Dark circles around the eyes badly effect the natural beauty so we need to know How to remove dark circles. Eyes are very sensitive and the skin around the eyes is ten times thinner than the facial skin so it needs intensive care. To take care of the eyes and...

Why Donkey Is Called Donkey

Have you ever heard of a donkey? Well, you may be surprised that what kind of a question it is. Such kind of word you may have often heard from your father when he is scolding you. However, we do not understand that why he always call us donkey when we do something wrong. We are...

How To Improve Your English?

English is in vogue in most of countries as international language and the language of communication among different countries of the world. English is spoken with different accents in different US countries, but most known and popular accents are; British accent & American accent. Many of us living in Asian countries find Speaking English quite difficult to...

Tips For Effective Studying

Time has changed; parents no more decide the future of their children. They are happy to let their children study subjects of their choice and decide their career. Children also need to be extremely careful while choosing the field of study. They shouldn’t listen to their friends or choose the field of study which is popular among their friends...

Health Benefits Of Fruit Peels And Vegetables Peel

In both summer and winter, people love to eat fruits and vegetables because of their good taste and nutrients. In Pakistan, a large variety of fruits and vegetables is available, which is also a rich source of minerals and vitamins and can be eaten in both forms, cooked & uncooked. People prefer to eat fruits and vegetables after peeling them...

Which Fruits Are Good For Your Skin?

Fruits are the rich source of vitamins, iron, minerals and healthy supplements that are essential for the human being to live a healthy life. Fruits are also needed by the skin to look fresh and beautiful. In the modern world along with the development and comfort in many areas, there are some adverse effects of the advancement like...

How To Treat Dry Skin On Face ?

The most concerned part of the beauty of every man and woman is the face. And for facial beauty face skin is needed to give refreshing look. Skin is the most delicate layer of the body that is why it is essential to take care of your skin. Dry Skin adopts weather effects frequently that can also result in...

How To Remove Lipstick From Lips?

Most of the facial skin diseases are caused by improper removal of make-up from the face. Women that apply make-up daily should never sleep without removing make-up as it can lead to serious skin diseases. If you don’t remove the lipstick from your lips for a longer period of the time than your lips become dry and...

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