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Omar Khayyam (1039 – 1131)

Abu Alfatah Omar Bin Ibrahim Khayyam was a great poet of Persian language and an expert mathematician. He was born in 1039 in the Manisha Pur during the regime of Tughral. His father’s name was Ibrahim and he was called Khayyam because of his occupation. That’s why he was also called Omar Khayyam. He was not only famous in the eastern region but also in the west. His poetry was translated almost in every religious language of the world. His poetry is very famous and got much appreciation. The poetry, which is very famous in recent times was only a way to pass his leisure time. He was considered as a great scientist of the era of Saljoqi.

Education and work:

After getting his education, Omar Khayyam went to Turkistan, got training from Qazi Abu Zahir and then he was sent to the palace of Shamsul Malik Khaqan in Bukhara. After sometime, he was send to Malik Shah Saljoqi and there he got the duty to construct the royal building.
After one year, Omar Khayyam Saljoqis took the charge of his congenital city Manisha Pur and made a great contribution to the progress of the city. He could not get the company of Ibn E Sina but he got guidance related to mathematics from pupils of Ibn E Sina. Because of that, he used to call himself pupil of Ibn E Sina. After completing his education in Manisha Pur, he wrote a book named “Maka’abaat” and gave solutions to the many problems of mathematics. But his book did not get the due attention and he decided to go to Samar Qand. In Samar Qand an wealthy man Abu Tahir, who was one of the adductor of the king of Turkmenistan Shamsul Malik, attached Omar Khayyam to his work and it was he because of whom Khayyam wrote the book “Jabro Mukabla”. He started that book in 1067 and completed in 1974. It was the 4th book of algebra in Muslim era. Although he was interested in mathematics but he was a great physician as well. That is why he was introduced in the court of the king as a physician.

The son of the king was suffering from a disease called smallpox. Omar Khayyam provided medical assistance and kings’ son recovered soon. Because of that, he was appointed as a physician in the court.
Umar always used to complain that his work in the field of mathematics did not get the due recognition. People admired him as a physician because of their personal benefits. Soon he got the job in observatory center and got huge funds for observatory purposes. Here he got the chance to bring the changes according to his own. He died in 1131 in Manisha Pur.


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