Omar Khayyam Quotes And Sayings


Omar Khayyam was born on 18 May 1048 in Nishapur, Persia which is now known as Iran. He was a famous poet, mathematician, and astronaut. He made an exquisite contribution in algebra and astronomical tables. He reformed the Islamic calendar which is considered as accurate to a Georgian calendar today. Despite of his great work in mathematics and astronomy, he is more known for his poems. He is the only nonwestern poet who is that much appreciated in the west. The poems attributed to him are known as Quatrains or Rubaiyat (a complete poem or stanza containing four lines in total).These poems are often used as quotations because they are short and contain specific views. He died on December 4,1131, in Nishapur, Iran and is buried in Mausoleum of Omar Khayyám,Nishapur,Iran.

Omar Khayyam Quotations

  • “Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” Omar Khayyam, The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám
  • “The thoughtful soul to solitude retires.”Omar Khayyam
  • “Here with a Loaf of Bread beneath the Bough, A Flask of Wine, a Book of Verse – and Thou Beside me singing in the Wilderness – And Wilderness is Paradise enow.”Omar Khayyam
  • “Ah, make the most of what we yet may spend, Before we too into the Dust descend; Dust into Dust, and under Dust to lie Sans Wine, sans Song, sans Singer, and — sans End!”Omar Khayyam
  • “Come, fill the Cup, and in the fire of Spring Your Winter-gar of Repentance fling: The Bird of Time has but a little way To flutter — and the Bird is on the Wing.”Omar Khayyam,The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám
  • “Myself when young did eagerly frequent Doctor and Saint and heard great argument about it and about: but evermore came out by the same door as in I went.”Omar Khayyam,The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám
  • “There was the Door to which I found no key; There was the Veil through which I might not see”.
  • “Drink! for you know not whence you came nor why: drink! for you know not why you go, nor where.”Omar Khayyam
  • “The Worldly Hope men set their Hearts upon Turns Ashes — or it prospers; and anon, Like Snow upon the Desert’s dusty Face, Lighting a little hour or two — is gone.”Omar Khayyam
  • “When I want to understand what is happening today or try to decide what will happen tomorrow, I look back.”Omar Khayyam,The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám
  • “Why ponder thus the future to foresee, and jade thy brain to vain perplexity? Cast off thy care, leave Allah’s plans to him – He formed them all without consulting thee.”Omar Khayyam
  • “Dead yesterdays and unborn tomorrows, why fret about it, if today be sweet.”Omar Khayyam
  • “Tomorrow! – Why, tomorrow I may be Myself with yesterday’s seven thousand years.”Omar Khayyam
  • “The entire world shall be populous with that action which saves one soul from despair”Omar Khayyam,The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám
  •  “Here’s to the man who owns the land that bears the grapes That makes the wine That tastes as good As this does”.Omar Khayyam
  • “He who has one enemy shall meet him everywhere.”Omar Khayyam
  • “The flower that once has blown forever dies.”Omar Khayyam
  • “The moving finger writes, and having writ moves on.”Omar Khayyam
  • “Awake, my Little ones, and fill the Cup Before Life’s Liquor in its Cup be dry.”Omar Khayyam
  • “I hide my grief, just like the blessed birds hide themselves when they are preparing to die, my love.”Omar Khayyam
  • “This body is a tent which for a space Does the pure soul with kingly presence grace; When he departs, comes the tent-pitcher, Death, Strikes it, and moves to a new halting-place.”Omar Khayyam
  • “The secret must be kept from all non-people. The mystery must be hidden from all idiots” Omar Khayyam
  • “To be free of belief and unbelief is my religion.”Omar Khayyam
  • “It’s too bad if a heart lacks fire, and is deprived of the light of a heart ablaze. The day on which you are without passionate love is the most wasted day of your life.”Omar Khayyam,The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám
  • “To wisely live your life, you don’t need to know much Just remember two main rules for the beginning: You better starve, than eat whatever And better be alone, than with whoever.” Omar Khayyam,The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám
  • “As far as you can avoid it, do not give grief to anyone. Never inflict your rage on another. If you hope for eternal rest, feel the pain yourself; but don’t hurt others.”Omar Khayyam,The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám
  • “The moving finger writes and having written moves on. Nor all thy piety nor all thy wit, can cancel half a line of it.”Omar Khayyam,The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám


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