Petrol Price Hike: Reasons And Effects


The most annoying factor for the whole nation of Pakistan is the petrol price hike in the country on a continuous basis. A notice was issued to the Federal Government and the Ministry of Petroleum to mention the actual reasons of inflation in prices of petrol. The Lahore High Court Judge “Azmat Saeed” has ordered to present a report on the details of factors that cause such rapid price hike of petrol in the country. Along with the increase in the prices of petroleum products, the prices of other products have also increased due to the costly transportation. He also ordered to submit the report on the factors that have triggered the prices of several commodities in the government of PPP. Further, he asked for the submission of detailed report on the audited accounts of the government. But the complete ignorance of these ordered has caused the contempt of court because the Federal Government has increased Rs. 7 in the petroleum products from 1st of April. What are the real reasons and effects of such price increase in the country? Actually, the Government announces the double increase in the prices of commodities than the actual one and when the whole nation protests, they reduce the half of the increase and thus, making the nation agreed with those prices. But the Government achieves its goals with this strategy and the nation is also happier that our leaders have given positive response to our protest. An Urdu article is also given below this content that can greatly assist in making deep analysis on price hike in Pakistan.


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