Skin Care Best Natural Face Cleanser


You must have noticed that skin of newborn baby is very soft and clear. As the baby grows up, due to the external factors, the skin starts to become problematic, which means that skin care is an undeniable part of beauty. Cleansing the skin is one of the basic ways to keep your skin clean and beautiful. There are uncountable benefits of cleansing some of which include getting rid of dead flakes, removing impurities and getting a well toned skin. You can easily cleanse your face within minutes if you have the right ingredients with you and know a few vital beauty tips for face.

It is very important that a cleanser belonging to a reliable brand name and using quality ingredients be used. Using low cost and low quality can result in severe skin related problems on the long run. Skin is a quick reactor to the climatic changes, especially in summer. To protect your skin from these effects you should go for cleansing. Acne and oily skin are two of the major issues that many people face over the world. One thing you have to take care of is the nature of cleanser; oil free or cream cleanse should be used in summer because during this time of the year the skin produces excessive oils. There are a lot of natural cleaners that you can get from the market, or you could try some natural ingredients from your home. In addition, compared to synthetic cleansers, the benefits of cleansing with natural products are more lasting.

Natural Cleansers for dry skin

Natural cleansers show results that are more fruitful than other cleansers.

Yoghurt in a very good natural cleanser for dry skin; massage your skin with yogurt for ten minutes then remove the leftover with cotton.

Water provides optimum moisture to skin and also cleans the skin. In order to maintain the moisture drink plenty of water daily.

Cucumber paste is an awesome cleanser. Mash cucumber and apply on face and neck then wash neck & face after 15 minutes.

Apply moisturizing lotion frequently on the dry skin to keep it moisturized.

Natural Cleanser for Oily Skin:

Oily skin needs more care than dry skin; due to open pores, it absorbs dust so its cleansing is very important.

Mash apples and apply on face for 15 minutes then wash with cool water; it absorbs the extra oil from the skin.

Mud mask is very good to absorb oil from skin, Mix mud and rose water and apply on face then wash it out when it gets dry.

Natural Face Cleanser For Normal skin:

Olive oil in good cleanser for normal skin; take few drops of olive oil and apply on the face and neck. Massage with it for few minutes then remove the remaining oil with tissue paper or cotton.


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