Narangi : Tangerine Fruit Health Benefits


Tangerine is a citrus in its nature; it is orange in color yet smaller than an orange. This fruit has been cultivated in China for more than last 3000 years. Tangerine is a small fruit, which great functionality. In Urdu, the fruit is known as “narangi”. It is usually sold from November to April. The fruit is more finely segmented as compared to oranges; you can easily peal it off and segment it.

Tangerines can contribute to health in so many ways, as these are rich with a variety of nutritive components. Like most of the citrus fruits, tangerine also contains vitamin C, which is good for your immunity. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant that can protect your cells from the damage, which can happen due to any disease. This particular vitamin prevents certain diseases that are caused by free radicals, as well as it slows downs the ageing process. Consumption of tangerine makes your skin become healthy and good looking.
Lamella, which is the fibrous white tissue that is present in tangerine between the segments, is rich in fiber. Therefore, this soluble fiber is very beneficial in reducing the cholesterol level from the blood.

These citrus fruits are blood purifiers and therefore used as depuratives. They help in eliminating the unwanted and toxic substances like extra salt, uric acid, water and pollutants from the body rapidly. It enhances your body’s capacity to carry oxygen in red blood cells, thus it purifies the blood as well.

Tangerine contains essential nutritious oil that kills bacteria and therefore helps to cure the sepsis. The oral and daily use of the oil can work well for the open wounds. All citrus fruits are a better choice when you face any such problem with the wounds.

Hesperidins are one of flavonoids, which is present in tangerine. It is found in both the tangerine pulp and in the peel. It works as a powerful antioxidant. It further helps in protecting you from inflammatory problems, fights against viruses and it is even beneficial for many anti-allergic diseases. Hesperidins is also associated with a possible prevention of certain types of cancers, which is its very important benefit. In addition it helps in the development of cancerous cell as well for someone not having this medical condition.

The smart way to manage your weight is to take complete diet with fruits and vegetables; this can be a balanced diet and can help you to reduce weight as well. The high fiber content present in tangerines can help stay fuller for long period. Likewise, feeling full can affect your weight, because when you feel satiated, you will not feeling hunger for hours and so you are least interested to the other junk food. Including tangerines to your regular diet and keep you far from certain diseases.


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