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Over time NADRA Pakistan has become the pride institution of this country being an internationally acclaimed for its quality and services. NADRA issues government ID cards to all the citizens of Pakistan and keeps the record of all the human beings of the country. Citizens of all the countries of the world have their unique identification that helps them stand out from the rest. Nation identity card (CNIC) provides that identity to its holder. In Pakistan, NADRA is the authority that provides CNIC, passports and other nationality related documents to its citizens. NADRA (National Data Base and Registration Authority), saves the bio data of the people into its database and then issues ID cards based on that personal information. Because of holding extensive record on national scale, it also provides verification and tracking services to different financial and security institutes on the permission of the state.
A glaring example of NADRA Pakistan’s utility was seen in PIA Plan crash where dead persons were identified with the help of their ID cards. Along with the issuance of ID cards NADRA also exchanges documents with the government. It works under the supervision of Federal Government and has its branches in all over the country. NADRA has the world record of having the largest number of records of the citizens.
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How NADRA began working in Pakistan?
During the government of Benazir Bhutto, in 1996, first time ever was a contract signed with an American company IBM to issue computerized ID cards for the residents of Pakistan. It was a BOT form, according to which IBM used to record the information, process it, print the NIC card and then send the identity cards to Pakistan. After fall of the Benazir government, Nawaz Sharif’s government ended the contract and on the urge of Pakistan army and a separate organization was formed for this purpose.
NADRA Pakistan started to issue computerized ID cards in 2004 and by now, it ranks top in the list of top fifty companies that are issuing identity cards. NADRA came into existence in 1973 and at that time, it issued manual Identity cards. Now it is working according to latest E-Governance trends by employing high tech IT technology and top of the line network infrastructure covered by leading security systems. The new ID card has 14 digits and among those first five refer to the city the cardholder belongs, next seven numbers are the serial numbers and last one is for checking.

Achievements of NADRA:

  • NADRA ranked first over last five years in the list of 50 leading ID card issuing companies.
  • It won the Award of Outstanding Achievement in Cairo, Egypt in 2007.
  • On presenting the solution of homeland security in the international market, it was awarded with Exporter Award by the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Carnegie Melon, USA, which is a software engineering institute, awarded NADRA with award of Capability Maturity Model Integration on the quality performance.

Our Recommendation:
There is no doubt that NADRA is performing very well but still people of small towns and village have to face many problems to get their ID cards because of less number of offices and insufficient staff. Nadra should establish new offices to facilitate the public and the fee for the card should also be reduced.


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