Mustafa Kamal Ataturk was the founder and first president of Turkey. He was born in Salonika. The name of his father was Ali Raza Efendi and his mother’s name was Zubaida Khanam. His father had a military background but later he adopted trade as a profession. His father passed away when he was young.
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His mother brought him up in a religious manner by starting his early education from a religious school. After that he went to a modern school of Shamsi Efendi. He took admission in an army college in 1895. Later in 1920 he got admission in a military academy. Ataturk started his military life from 11th January 1905 when he became a military commander of 5th division army in Syria. He always had interest in the politics and that was the reason he founded a secret political party after completing his education from Madisa Herbia. This party was temporarily terminated when the news was leaked out to Sultan Abdul Hameed’s political workers. He became a lieutenant in 1907 and got transferred in Salonika in third division army. 13 April 1909 he was called in Istanbul as an administrator. The same year he became the in charge of the officer’s academy of third division army. Later he became the commander of 21st infantry regiment. That was the time when mutiny broke out in Albania and he was sent on that mission, in which he was quite successful, as a vice of Mehmood Shaukat Pasha. In early 1912 he decided to attack Tarabulus because Italians had already attacked in September 1911. After that war he was appointed as a military Attaché in Sofia. He became lieutenant colonel in 1914 and with the start of First World War soon after he got the chance to fight in the world war.
Hence he fought several times for his country and was the part of several successful missions which earned him a lot of admiration. 5th July 1917 Mustafa Kamal became the commander of seventh division army and during that time he tried to make the government more vigilant, with the help of Asmat Pasha, about the country’s weaker condition. He became a general in 1918.
After the world war he was assigned with a task to reorganize whatever was left in the empire. He performed an extraordinary job in this regard. People had lots of admiration for Mustafa Kamal and his vision.
In 1919 the last elections of Ottoman Empire were held and Mustafa Kamal’s party secured the majority. He kept on knocking the doors of the status quo and led the people in extraordinary way. He resigned from the military when asked for an explanation. He participated in the politics with velour and zeal. He became the first president of the modern Turkey. His first sculpture was built in turkey in 1932.
Today in Turkey there is a law that nobody can use or write insulting world for the great hero. Turkish people regard him as the founding father of modern Turkey.



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