Morning to Dusk


When an individual reaches the age of 40, he feels as if as he is standing at a crossroad. It is that point of one’s life when one should either prove that he is still youthful or should quietly accept the reality.

The onset of old age proves to be destructive. It eliminates one’s vitality and deprives a person of his strength. However, in the western countries, there are people who are over the age of 70 and still have the strength to carry out vigorous activities like swimming, horse ridding and tennis. Such people are physically healthy as well as active even at this old age. The reason behind this might be the fact that even though our body becomes rigid at the age of 40, our mind does not! There is no fixed age for the mind to get old.

Read to Stay Young

Reading something useful and constructive everyday keeps the mind and heart fresh. Therefore, you must develop the habit of reading. In this way, a person keeps receiving new ideas and new facts. This maintains the youth of the heart and mind.

A person who gives up the habit of reading can never remain young for long even if he is merely 20 years old. His mind will become dull and old too soon.

Keep your Youth Alive

In order to maintain your youth, it is necessary to actually make some effort! Being young requires one to be healthy so that one’s body keeps on functioning properly. Therefore, you must follow some fundamental principles of keeping your body in shape.

Embrace Nature

There is no doubt about the fact that most of us have drifted far away from nature. Even though most of us claim to be religious, the truth is that we have turned away from nature and its wonders. We wear makeup, adorn ourselves with expensive clothes and use a number of accessories in order to look beautiful and young. But isn’t this fake beauty?

We should, instead, turn towards nature and what it has provided us with. Include organic foods in your diet and use natural remedies to stay young and beautiful.

Staying young depends to a large extent on our diet. Most of us neglect the importance of eating what is good for our body. We, must, however, give up eating things which will harm our body in the long run, speeding up the process of aging.

Delay Aging

Scientific research has revealed that the process of aging can be delayed provided we understand this process completely. Once we do, living up to the age of 150 years or 200 years would become common.

On the other hand, some scientists believe that aging is a disease. Therefore, like every other disease, it can be prevented as well as cured.


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