Modern Age and Joint Family System


Some years back, joint family systems used to exist at more or less every level and every place. All the members of the family used to live together. The eldest member of the house used to be the head of the family. Whatever he said used to be the final word for the other members of the family. Moreover, as a single family, everyone used to have every meal together. Usually, only one or two members of the family used to be the bread winners. It was a time when relationships were valued and respected.

However, with the passing time, money and wealth started replacing values and respect. Money was just as important back then, but today the competition between each other has increased. Everyone is trying to be better than the others at the youngest age possible. In a way, this type of thinking is justified because it is one of the basic rights of every individual to make endeavors in order to make his life happier and more peaceful. However, it is difficult to adjust in a joint family system with this kind of attitude and approach towards life.

For instance, imagine a scenario in which a family consisting of two or three brothers living together. They live with their old parents and their wives and kids. One of the brothers starts earning more than the rest of them. This is when the atmosphere of the home will begin to deteriorate. The rest of the family members will subconsciously fall prey to inferiority complex. It is not possible that the brother making more money would not spend it on himself just for the sake of his brothers. It is inevitable that he would feel more superior to his brothers.

Family members need to sit together and resolve their issues from time to time. If this is not done, there will come a time when the family members will drift apart. Moreover, it is possible that the third generation will turn out to be deviant. The children of well off parents will feel to be superior while the children of the comparatively less well off parents will fall prey to inferiority complex. As a result, they might develop negative habits such as stealing and lying.

Therefore, it is recommended to make a decision well in time which goes in favor of everyone. It is not wise to compel all the families to keep living together because over a period of time their love turns into jealousy and resentment for each other. So, at an appropriate time, every individual family should find their separate place of residence. In this way, whenever everyone will meet each other, they will have love in their heart instead of resentment.


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