Misuse Of Mobile Phones


Mobile phones are very common in today’s world and you can see them in almost every hand. There are many benefits of mobile phones like receiving calls and data manipulation. They are definitely very useful and helpful for communication. In late 1990s, the use of mobile phones was started and now you observe that almost every person is having a cell phone. No matter whether one is on a bike or in a car, he has a cell phone and getting benefits from the services like SMS and MMS

Pros and Cons of Mobiles:

Mobile phones were introduced for the convenience of people so that they can make contacts with their loved ones easily. That is why mobile device was invented but the use of mobile phones in our society refers to the negative aspect. Have you ever considered that Mobile Phone is a Blessing or an evil? We have made it an evil instead of blessing. Misuse of mobile phone is very common now days. If you ask anyone that whether he or she knows typing or some basic knowledge about computer, there are strong chances that the answer will be no. But if you ask about mobiles and their functionality, there are 90% chances of yes.

It’s very common that users can type the SMS even without looking at the mobile screen. It is also common in students that they use to type SMS while sitting on the backbenches. It’s not that difficult to develop this skill of typing SMS in just two or three weeks of a mobile use. The matter of concern is that why we always use things in a negative way. Why we always misuse the mobile phones and other technologies. A mobile phone could be a blessing if we use it for the purpose it was made.

In our society mobile is the major factor that is spoiling the youth. Mobile phones are increasing the unnecessary association between the boys and girls, which is morally wrong. In universities and colleges, the authorities should not ban the mobile phones but they should take necessary steps to make its use positive. The reason is beside negative usage, mobile phones have lots of benefits as well. It is really a useful thing for those girls who are living away from their homes.


We should take things positively and use them for their actual purposes. Try to avoid the conspiracies of the multinationals who have offered cheap calling rates to devastate our young community. Develop a positive thinking while using mobile phones to eliminate this evil from our society and to prevent the misuse of mobile phones.


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