Milk Intake Can Lead To Death


Regular milk intake makes bones strong and helps kids grow healthy is a belief that is made since olden days. But modern research has totally opposed this belief; as US Food and Drug Administration has proved that three glass of milk intake daily can create more chance to bone fractures in adults.

Demographics, researchers at Uppsala University has shown a link between milk intake and death, as they found that a women with 3 glass of milk intake regularly is more closer to an early death as compared with one who is habitual of one glass of milk daily. They further add to this by saying that this ratio is greater in men as compared with women.

Women with a habit of more milk intake are more prone to bones fractures especially the hip fracture.

Where the milk provides necessary nutrients to our body, it is going in opposition to your health because of lactose present in it.

The question is should we cut off with milk intake and all other dairy products?

No! We just need change our style of consuming dairy products in order to lead a healthy and risk free life. As compared with milk, yogurt contains no such oxidative stress or chronic inflammation in the body which could claim bones fracture or premature death, so it is better enough to replace milk with yogurt.

In this recent study more is added as “the cow milk not only leads to a premature death or brittle bones but it is the root cause of several other ailments.

By saying the concluding words; the researchers are of the view that this new finding needs further deep study to bring more facts into light as this cannot be the final report out of all the researches that are made till now.  Milk is necessary for the betterment of our bones but if taken in limit which could be one or one and half glass a day as excess of everything is bad. Mean to say if you intake milk according to your body requirements then it is good, but as you exceed the requirement you are at a risk to meet some fracture or a premature death.


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