Men’s Tie Fashion Trends


Fabric quality and designs vary with the seasons. As the people prefer lawn and light weighted clothes in summers while heavy outfits in winters Dressing styles also vary with seasons and occasions. Tie is one of these options that people use to wear on different events. Color, width, length and design of tie differ with events type.
Ronald Regan first time introduced tie in 1980. He wore tie in white house, after that the use of tie became common, and now it became fashion for young generation. There are some offices or the companies where it is necessary to wear a tie during office hour. Let’s see the Men’s Tie Fashion Trends and we hope you like this.

Most of the people take tie as a fashion symbol. Some finds it irritating to wear a tie and some enjoy the tie fashion. Although tie is not as important as cough links, socks, belt or pant but men fashion is incomplete without tie.
Tie is being used as a fashion statement for many of us and some of us use to wear for official meetings, parties, dinners, birthdays and wedding ceremonies. Tie is available in different types and designs of which some popular types are given below. People now aware about the importance of tie, So, they always like to know more about Men’s Tie Fashion Trend.

1. Four -in- hand tie:

It is the most popular type of the tie and best for the formal dressing. It is available in different fabrics like silk, cotton or polyester and in colors. This type of tie is also available in different sizes i.e. 3.75 inches tie is for office use and 2 inches tie is very popular among youngsters.

2. Seven fold tie:

Seven-fold tie is the modern form of four in hand tie. These are the most costly ties that are a made up of seven layers of fine silk that looks very beautiful with three-piece suit.

3. Clip-on tie:

Clip on tie is specially designed for the people take a lot of time to tie up the tie. This type of tie is mostly used with uniforms and east to wear.
It is said that there are more than 50 different ways to tie a tie but it not necessary that you should know all the ways. How to select a good tie is also a problem for many of us so, we are giving you some tips how to select a good color of a tie to facilitate you.

Tie color:

Tie color is the most important thing and one should be careful while selecting the color. Choose the color according to the season and the event to wear tie. Other factors that should be considered are;

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Looks
  • Stitching of the tie


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