Men Bodybuilding Chest Exercise In Urdu


Intermediate chest exercise:
Before telling you about the exercises relating to the chest muscles, let us tell you something about the chest muscles in brief.
Muscles of Chest:
For every body builder chest muscles have to be perfectly developed. Pectoral and chest muscles have to be nicely built in order to give a strong look. Following are the some of the important thing s which every bodybuilder must take care during his exercise sessions.
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There must be an assistant or some companion with you who should assist you during the exercise which is very important for the safety and to maintain the balance. The other most important thing which you should keep in mind is to warm up your body before the exercise. After the warm up you need to mentally relax and psychologically prepare yourself for lifting the weights by lifting the lighter ones first. It is very dangerous to go for heavy weights without any warm up.
Barbells, dumbbells and cables have different affects on your body as they are different from each other. With barbells one can lift more weight while with the dumbbells one cannot lift the heavy weights as only one arm is used in it. Barbells provide you more balance and more flexible movements to open your chest and give you better results.
Incline press:
In incline press the body builders lie down on a flat narrow bench which is inclined with some angle with the ground. Then they start lifting the weights with the help of some assistant standing right behind. The rod has equal weights on the both sides. Both of the hands should be equally distant from the weights to keep the balance. This balance is necessary for the symmetry of the body on the both sides i.e. left and right sides.
Weight has to be nicely lifted and released with long breaths. By regular going this exercise you will the difference in a few weeks.
Incline Fly
In this particular exercise dumbbells are used. Body builder lie down on the bench just as in incline press and hold dumbbells of equal weights in the both hands. Then these weights have to raised upwards perpendicularly right in front of your nose with straights arms (with a slight bend in the arms with should be equal in both the arms). Using long breaths these weights are then released slowly downwards with straight arms.
These exercises are totally dedicated to the chest and give an impressive and stronger look to the chest of a body builder. We hope that this information will be helpful for you.


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