Measles Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Measles is a fatal infectious disease, which is more common in children. Virus of this disease is not itself that much dangerous but it causes other fatal diseases in patient. In the beginning, patients suffer from high fever then it causes weakness and skin diseases. In Pakistan the main reason of measles is its lack of awareness. Due to lack of knowledge 40% children fell prey to Pneumonia after measles, which is fatal and life threatening. To create awareness among you people we elaborate the symptoms of measles, causes measles and measles treatment in this article.

Measles is caused by a virus named as Paramyxo Virus, which has the smallest particles/germs that cannot even pass from filter paper. To check their presence or to see these germs, electron microscope is used. It is a contagious disease that can be transferred through physical or direct contact with the patient. It attacks on the immunity system of the patients and they become prone to the other dangerous diseases as well.

Symptoms of Measles:
High temperature is the common symptom of measles. Other symptoms of measles are flu, redness of the eyes, mouth blisters, swelling of mouth and pimples filled with puss called Koplik’s Spots. These are of red color; appear on the body of patient on the sixth day of the disease. If the patient does not get proper treatment, the red spots/pimples would turn to black color.
Due to absence of medical treatment, the patient may has to suffer from pneumonia, which is very dangerous.

Treatment of Measles:
As we have mentioned that, this disease is common among children. If you kid is suffering from measles then you should make sure his rest at home. The patient needs a very good care to be taken because it is very hazardous syndrome.
Globuman injection is injected to the patient and the amount of Globuman varies with the weight. It is recommended that 5 ml per kilogram should be injected to the patient.
Rebavarin syrup is also very effective and 10 ml of this syrup should be given to the patient. This amount can vary from patient to patient according to the patient’s weight.
For pain and reducing the temperature of the body, you should use Ponston syrup. For the children of age from 6 months to 1 year, 5 ml after each hour is sufficient but you should take care that if the patient is not recovering in 5 – 7 days then stop using these medication and consult to the doctor.


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