Hasrat Mohani | Maulana Hasrat Mohani Urdu


Moulana Hasrat Mohani was a well known Urdu poet, politician and leader. His real name was Syed Fazal and he was born in Oudh. Syed Azhar Hassan was his father who was descendent of Imam Ali Mousa Raza. He read Holy Quran, Persian and Urdu books by Ghulam Ali Mohani. He remained in Fatehpur during his initial studies and later went to Aligarh College for his graduation.
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After getting free from his education he launched a magazine under the title of Urdu-e-Mualla. Thorough this magazine he tried to convey his thought to the masses. Literary essays were also published in the magazine along with political essays. Moulana Hasrat Mohani became a big name in journalism and soon he started taking interest in politics. In May, 1904 he participated as a delegate in Indian national congress. In the next year he joined All India Conference and started supporting Swadeshi movement but he could not stay for longer with congress and left it in 1907. Now he once again focused on his magazine and published many articles in it. He was imprisoned in 1908 for publishing an article, for two years.
During his prison his father died and after he released in 1910 he resumed his newspaper again. He worked prominently for the cause of freedom of India against British. Govt. considered him as rebel and imprisoned him again in 1916. He was very prominent in the joined annual session of All India Muslim League and All India Congress. In 1925 he was third time arrested and was imprisoned for two years.
He spent his life in voicing the thoughts of Indian people to the govt. mostly through the magazines and papers he published. After the independence he stayed there in India and his existence was a source of inspiration for Indian Muslims. He was selected as Parliamentarian in Indian parliament and there was a time one he was only spokesman of Indian Muslims in Indian Government. He was 75 years old when died in Lucknow.


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