What is Malaria:

Malaria is an ancient disease that was first discovered by Doctor Levrin. Later research by doctor Rass shows that Malaria is caused by the infection of a female mosquito called Anopheles. When this particular mosquito bites a human body, its Toxic effects rapidly stream through the entire blood. This results in the weakening of the power of immunity in the human body which results in the development of Malaria fever.

Malaria fever mostly victimizes the people of Middle East Africa and Asia and almost 1200000 people meet death annually because of this disease. Malaria fever can easily get developed from person to person and varies in almost all countries of the world at minor and major rate.

Malaria Types

The Malaria viruses are of four different types which are mentioned here.

  1. Plasmodium Ovale
  2. Plasmodium Vivax
  3. Plasmodium Falciparum
  4. Plasmodium Malaria

Plasmodium Ovale and Vivax

Plasmodium ovale and plasmodium vivax complete their cycle in the human body in 48 hours and the patient suffers from severe temperature every second day. And the Plasmodium Ovale and P-vivax virus keep resting in the liver and remain to infect every now and then. These two Malarial germs remain in the liver for several years weakling the immune power in the body.

Patients suffering from these Malaria types are given two types of medicine one to destroy liver habitant germs, second to kill Parasites in the red blood cells.

Plasmodium Malaria

The virus or germ of Plasmodium Malaria completes its circulatory cycle in the body in 72 hours and result in high fever every third day. Malaria parasites breed due to spherocytes and gametocytes which are tiny in size and are found in red blood cells. It longs at least for one and half month or so.

Plasmodium Falciperum

The effects of Plasmodium Falciperum last for two weeks. This is a severe type of Malaria which if not treated in time can result in the death of the sufferer of Malaria disease.

Symptoms of Malaria

The symptoms of Malaria include:

  • Fatigue
  • Severe headache
  • Muscle pain
  • Shivering
  • Sweating / Perspiration
  • Temperature up to 100C to 105C
  • Vomiting
  • Muscular Pain off and on
  • Missing Heart Best
  • Sudden Weakness

Causes of Malaria

  • Malaria Parasites breed because of Spherocytes which are tiny germs in red blood cells of our liver. When these germs get infectious they result in or cause Malaria.
  • A female mosquito called Anopheles causes Malaria when it stings a human body.
  • Infected blood transplant may be a cause to Malaria.
  • The pricking of an already used syringe may lead to Malaria.
  • Stagnant water pools are a big source of Mosquito upbringing which finally lead to Malaria disease.
  • Unsanitary hygienic conditions cause Malaria.
  • A contaminated food which is not stored or covered properly can be a cause to Malaria.
  • The intake of water which in not properly filtered or boiled can be a source of a Malarial attack.

Treatment of Malaria

The best way of coping with is to consult with your physician. Anyway, if you are inclined to treat Malaria by yourself then certain medicines are suggested below which may prove helpful to you.

  • Take a dose of Tab-Quinine Sulphate 600mg thrice a day for three days. After that take Tab-Fansidar thrice a day for a week.
  • Cap-Artem 40mg should be given four at a time and then take two daily for four days OR if the patient does not want to take capsule then you can inject Artem 80ml two at a time and then single injection daily for four days.
  • Tab-Nevaquine 150mg four at a time and then give it to the patient two tablets each day for seven days.

The given prescription for Malaria disease is no doubt helpful to much extent. But it would be better to consult your doctor in order to get prevented from any type of drug reaction or severe condition. This prescription is mentioned only for first aid purpose.

Prevention/Precautionary measures of Malaria

In order to get prevented from Malaria, some precautionary measures are given in the following.

  • Avoid sleeping in the open air. If you like you must use mosquito net so that the mosquito must be away from you.
  • Always consume a food that is fresh and neatly cooked.
  • Use net doors and windows in your house.
  • Do not let the water become stagnant in nearby.
  • Better to use mosquito coils at night.
  • You may also apply mosquito gel on your body before going to sleep.

By giving you a simple guideline about what is Malaria, causes of Malaria, symptoms of Malaria, treatment of Malaria and prevention of Malaria, I have tried my level best to give you a complete overview of Malaria Disease so that you could better understand what in actual this disease is and how to get prevented of it.


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