Lung Cancer: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention
Lung Cancer: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

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Lung cancer is caused by the abnormal growth of lungs cells or tissues and it destroys the tissues around it. Lung cancer is the most common cancer in both men and women throughout the world.

Lung Cancer Causes

  • People that are more likely to be affected by lung cancer are smokers. Cigarette smoking is rated as the primary cause of lung cancer although smoking cigar or pipe also causes lung cancer. Doctors have proved that people who smoke 2 or more packs of cigarette per day for 10 years, one in seven will die because of lung cancer.
  • It must be noted that passive smokers or people who live with smokers in a same room are also likely victim of lung cancer.
  • People that are exposed to air pollution in their daily life also catch this disease.
  • Radon gas, the natural decay product of uranium is also a source of lung cancer.
  • Improper or incomplete medication for lung disease also leads to lung cancer afterwards.
  • There are thought to be other causes of lung cancer as well which are not yet discovered.

Lung Cancer Symptoms

There are many symptoms of lung cancer; some of them are listed below. It is very important to spot the cancer at its initial stage. If you have any of the symptoms listed below, there is nothing to worry about or panic just have a normal routine test after consulting your doctor.

  • Unexplained tiredness and lack of energy without doing any hectic work.
  • Chest infections frequently.
  • Dry coughs for a longer period of time
  • Blood coughing
  • Weight loss without any reason.
  • Lower stamina, feeling tired after a small walk or run.
  • Difficulty in breathing.
  • Pain in shoulders and arms without any exercise or lifting something heavy

Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

If you have any of these symptoms than don’t waste any time and immediately consults your doctor for tests and chest x-ray. It is more likely that there will be nothing serious but if it is a cancer early treatment can save your life. If you are diagnosed with lung cancer you will be referred to the cancer team for the further treatment and care.

Lung Cancer Prevention

  • If you are a smoker quit smoking immediately. Life is short why waste it for nicotine?
  • If it is hard to quit smoking use nicotine smoker or nicotine inhaler to try to quit smoking.
  • Keep yourself away from the smokers when they are smoking.
  • Don’t expose yourself to air pollution. If it is not possible to avoid air Pollution then wear the nose and mouth mask when you go out.
  • Use Radon test kit to identify radon gas at home for correction.

Lung Cancer Causes, Symptoms and Prevention



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