Low Blood Pressure


What is Blood Pressure?
The heart is a pumping organ in the Human body and when it pumps blood through blood vessels (arteries, veins, capillaries) a certain pressure is exerted on walls of arteries, This pressure is known as Blood Pressure.
What is Low Blood Pressure?
When the pressure of blood on the walls of vessels drops (due to any reason) , the person is said to have low blood pressure. Low BP is also known as Hypo-tension. As the blood pressure lowers, there’s a decrease in the amount of blood supplied to Brain, Kidneys, Lungs and to Heart it self. If the pressure drops too low this could prove very dangerous.
Readings for Normal, Low & High BP:
Generally the blood pressure is recorded as 120/80 mm Hg.
Depending upon age and general fitness the actual normal blood pressure varies from person to person [140/90 mm Hg and 90/60 mm Hg are considered normal]
Blood pressure lower than 90/60 mm Hg is considered Low Blood Pressure
And blood pressure higher than 140/90 mm Hg is considered High Blood Pressure
Signs & Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure:
Generally low blood shows no significant symptoms, but if the condition is persistent or the pressure falls too low, any of the following symptom may appear:
Increased Heartbeat
Blurred vision
Cold & Pale skin
Feeling of Weakness
Lack of Concentration (Confusion)
Rapid Breathing
Sense of Depression
Some other features that are related to low blood pressure are:
Blood pressure is lower while sleeping
Blood pressure normally falls after eating meals
Blood pressure is lower at warm temperature
Causes of Low Blood Pressure:
Low Blood pressure could be caused by several reasons as:
It could be Inherited. Means that the person genetically have the tendency for lower blood pressure.
Due to Medication. Means that the person is taking some Anti-Hypertensive drugs.
Due to Diabetes. During severe Diabetic attack the blood pressure suddenly falls too low.
Anemia. Automatically lowers blood pressure.
Dehydration. Due to diarrhea or less water intake the water content of body decreases and blood pressure lowers.
Alcohol Consumption. Alcohol affects the blood vessels and in this way it lowers the blood pressure.
Accidental Blood Loss. Sudden blood loss due to severe injury will also lead to hypo-tension
Treatments of Low Blood Pressure:
To treat low blood pressure, first of all look for the underlying cause (that could be any one from the above mentioned) and then take treatment accordingly.
Following are some general measures that should be taken to avoid low blood pressure:
Increase your salt intake
Take mineral supplements
Drink more water
Avoid smoking
Eat smaller meals, more often
If you are lying, gradually stand up
Avoid standing for longer periods
Add more proteins in your diet
Low blood pressure can be controlled with proper management and care.
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