Lipstick Tips | How to Apply Lipstick Correctly


A beautiful and expensive lipstick does not hold a lot of importance in your make up. Even though expensive cosmetics are undoubtedly good as well as available in many different shades and styles, but if you do not know the correct way to apply a lipstick then your expensive lipsticks will go waste. Below are a few tips and tricks since it is very important to know how to apply your lipstick the correct way.

Color Choice

First of all choose a color. People with fair skin should choose bright and medium shades. Deeper shades bring your color out, while light make up makes your skin look pale. People with wheat colored skin look good in bronze and rosy shades, while people with darker skin color should opt for brighter colors. Choosing the right color is as important as choosing the right dress for an occasion. Not only does it bring out your personality but also makes you exude the looks you want to. The right lipstick choice would make or break the entire look.

How to Apply Lipstick

Using a thin pencil make an outline on your lips, starting with the top V and taking it to the corners of your lips. On the lower lip make a mark in the center and make a line towards both the corners. Make sure that the nib of the pencil you are using is well shaped and pointing. Using a dull pencil will smear the color and will not bring out the look you want. Moreover, a well shaped pout only develops with a well formed pencil.

Filling it In

Using a lipstick, apply lipstick on your lips staying within the outline starting from the inside center of the lips. Don’t let the color get beyond the outline. If you are not sure about applying it directly on your lips with the stick, you can use a small brush with soft hair to serve the purpose.


Take a tissue paper and keep it on your lips, dabbing with your fingers slightly so that the extra lipstick can wipe off. Do not rub it off as it will spread the lipstick unevenly on the lips. Next, apply slight powder on your lips. Now using a lip brush apply lipstick again but not too much of it so that the natural texture of the lips remains.


At the end apply gloss in the center of the lower lip but don’t spread it over your entire lips, or else it will spread the entire lipstick. If you apply golden or silver eye shade it will make your lips look even shinier. Take extra care of your lips so that their beauty always remains.


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