Lipstick Tips for Small or Thin Lips


Lipstick makes your lips look brighter and more prominent. They make the beauty of your lips appear to be more charming than it really is. Beauty is made for women and women do all kinds of things to make themselves appear as beautiful as they can.

Lipstick application is one trick that every woman should know. All women have different lips depending on their structural make up. The size of lips is not equal and the shape of them is also different. Some women have very prominent lips but some have got very small and thin lips that they do not get really prominent. There are certain tricks which you can use to make your lips prominent by the use of lipstick application.

I have gathered some tips that work just perfectly to highlight your lips. So brace yourselves and be ready to note down each and every thing. Even if you do not note them down just read them carefully and you can always this page that is constantly available at your service and recall all the tips over again.

1. Use Light Colors:

Dark colors do not go well with small lips. When you will use dark colors they will make the size of your lips more prominent than ever and bring attention to your lips to make people notice that the ips are small.

You should use lighter colors that create a silvery effect with the tone of your skin and make your lips look attractive.

2. Use a Lip Liner:

Make use of the lip liner and draw the line above the margin of your lips. It would provide a larger effect on your lips and make their size look better than it really is.

3. Make the use of a Matte Base:

When you have used a lip liner on your lips, you cannot go for a lipstick without a matte base. Use a proper matte base and apply it on the inner part of the lining. This will provide a good effect to the lips.

4. Apply Lipstick After Matte Base:

You have to apply lipstick right after you apply matte base. Do not apply any other thing over matte base before applying lipstick over it.

5. Make use of a Lip Primer:

Do not forget to use the Lip Primer when you begin the application of a lipstick. This is important because when you make all the above mentioned efforts to make the shape and size of your lips appear not so small then you should make it sure that your lipstick stays for a long time and does not get removed. A lip primer can ensure this to the core. It makes your lipstick last longer.

6. Conceal the lines:

When you will apply the lip liner a little above your actual lips then you will have to conceal the lines properly with some concealing cosmetic so that the margins are not visible to destroy the entire effect.

So, these are some tips that can help you make your lips better than ever before. You better do it to appear more charming and attractive to the crowd.


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