Legal Rights of Women

According to Islamic law, there is no discrimination between women and men. Both have same duties to perform and rights to be given. There are same categories of rewards and punishments for both genders. For example, punishment for a murder is same for men and women. In this case, there is also an option of take blood for blood i.e. retaliation for the family whose member has been killed. They are free to do that. So it is not right to say that element of discrimination related to men and women exists in Islam.
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But in some cases men got preference like for testimony. In Islam, there is no compulsion for women to change their surnames or family names after marriage, which is a compulsory practice nowadays. It is up to the consent of woman whether she wants to change her name or not. After knowing all these facts, are you still agree that Islam has deprived woman from her rights?

Political Rights of Women

With all other rights, Islam has also given political rights to women. It is not right to say that Islam is a conservative religion. In Islam, woman is considered as the companion of men so it can be said that she can also help them and can provide assistance. Islam gave this concept of voting in the selection of foreman 1400 years ago. That is what we call elections now. If you see, you will know that there are some western countries that are not giving the right to vote or participate in politics to women. Then how can anybody say that Islam has not given proper rights to women?

Once, Hazrat Omer (R.A) was ordering to limit the amount of “Haq Maher”, because this stipulation was creating problem for some people at that time. But when a lady objected that it is not according to the teachings of Islam, Hazrat Omer (R.A) agreed that they should not go for that. It showed that women had given freedom to express their opinion in any matter of life openly and without any restrictions. If we look upon the teachings of Islam, we come to know that women have equal rights to participate in politics.

It is clear from the above facts that Islam has given the due freedom to women. Whereas in America, women got permission to participate in war after 1901. Now, can you say that women have got more rights in west but not in Islam? From all the above mentioned facts it is clear that how Islam is protecting the rights of women right from the beginning.


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