Kidney Diseases | Kidney Disease Treatment


Kidney is the most important element in the complex structure of our body. Similarly different kidney diseases can also be fatal for the life of an individual. Kidney is closely associated with the prevention of many diseases in our body. Our blood accumulates many harmful chemicals, which are required to be excreted on daily basis. These chemicals and waste are produced through old and wasted cells of our body, cleaning of blood and respiration. Our kidneys perform this function of evacuating them through urine.

Each day a kidney filters 200 ml of blood and removes waste material from the body. If these toxic waste and chemical components remain in our body, they may cause us to suffer from many diseases. For this, it is vital that our kidneys should be in proper working condition at any time to protect our body from severe diseases. Most of the kidney diseases attack on the veins that affect the filtration of blood. When 25% of the kidney becomes unable to perform its tasks then the person has to replace the kidney or artificially purify the blood through dialysis.

Two diseases greatly influence the function of the kidneys i.e. diabetes and high blood pressure. Diabetes causes the increase of glucose in our body. If excessive glucose gathers in our body, it is prone to turn into poison that can harm the kidneys. Similarly, high blood pressure also affects the functions of kidneys. There are various way to take care of your kidneys and kidneys disease treatment first removes the causes of its disease and then replenishes the organ for improved functioning.

Diseases related to the kidney usually attack on the nephrons and it became difficult to treat them at later stages. Following are some of the major diseases of kidney and treatment.


Diabetes is a dangerous disease in which glucose level of the body increases. Glucose accumulates in the blood and forms poisonous crystals. When these poisonous crystals reach the kidneys they start piling up resulting in diabetic kidney. It affects the functioning of the kidney. We are giving the treatment of diabetic kidney.

  • Injection of insulin is an effective treatment for diabetic patient because deficiency of insulin causes this disease.
  • Use only those medicines that are prescribed by the doctor. Angiotensin is one of those medicines.

Blood Pressure:

High or low blood pressure is dangerous for the kidney as it puts pressure on the veins in and around the kidney. Due to blood pressure, deoxygenated blood also passes through the veins and causes various diseases.

Try keep yourself relax and tension free. Due to tension the veins of brain become stretched and it affects on the other systems of the body.

Most of the kidney diseases don’t happen by themselves, they are a result of other diseases. Different hormonal imbalance, taking steroids and un-prescribed medication and liquor consumption can also cause kidney related medical issues. Extreme care and proper treatment is very essential even at a beginning stage to make sure the condition does not get worse. Always consult a seasoned medical practitioner if you have any signs that you might be having kidney related issues.


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