Health Benefits of Eating Kachnar


Kachnar is a delightful vegetable, which grows in spring and served cooked with various delicacies. It is the flowers of orchid tree, which are grown in India and are found in abundance across the land. When kachnar buds and bloom into flowers, it becomes a very tasty and nutritious source of food for us. The buds of kachnar are extremely beautiful and delicate. Poets often use these flowers as a metaphor to describe beautiful and lovely maidens. The flowers of the orchid tree are very expensive as well as valuable.

The Kachnar buds and flowers are slightly bitter in taste when raw. They are often used to make pickles in the subcontinent. The main components of kachnar are a number of important minerals as well as vitamin C. It is usually cooked with meat, but it is important to use a high quantity of oil while cooking kachnar flowers.

Kachnar flowers as well as the buds of kachnar can be cooked for a meal and can also be taken in the form of a medicine in order to acquire a number of benefits for the health, such as the treatment of many diseases and ailments. The benefits of kachnar buds and kachnar flowers are elaborated below.

Treatment of Hemorrhoids

The kachnar flowers are really effective as a treatment for painful hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoids are formed when the blood vessels found around the anal area swell, which are very painful. An individual experiences severe pain while passing stool and faces difficulty while sitting if the hemorrhoids are too severe. In this case, eating kachnar can prove to be very effective as it can completely eliminates the hemorrhoids, no matter what the degree of their severity is.

Regulating of Blood Flow during Menstruation

All those women who experience excessive bleeding during their periods can use kachnar to treat this ailment. In fact, no other vegetable can prove to be as effective as kachnar is for women in this condition. Kachnar will regulate the flow of blood during menstruation.

Purification of Blood

The bitter flowers of kachnar are considered to be a good blood purifier. They help in getting rid of blood toxins. In this way, it proves to be beneficial for several other organs of the body as well, such as the liver.

Treatment of Digestive System Problems

Kachnar flowers can strengthen the digestive system. They also help remove stomach worms and the parasites found in the intestines. Moreover, the pickles which, are prepared using kachnar can make the intestines stronger, enabling them to perform their function properly. Kachnar should be used along with ginger in order to increase its effectiveness for the digestive system.

Healing Internal Wounds

Internal wounds can be healed very effectively by using kachnar flowers.

Treatment for Cough

A type of gravy prepared from the flowers of kachnar can be used to get rid of cough.


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