Job Satisfaction | Are You Satisfied With Your Current Job


What is it that always makes you feel happy? Is it your occupation, popularity or people? Are you satisfied with your current job?
Although a satisfying job can greatly improve your work performance, only a few people realize its importance. Most people do not realize the importance of doing a job, which would make them feel happy. Usually, people are willing to do any job, the reasons being:

  • Family pressure
  • An attractive salary package
  • Facilities

Due to the above mentioned reasons, an individual might even be ready to do a job, which is not related to his field. As a result, a person might not find interest in his job, but would still be compelled to continue it.
Some other common reasons which might lead to dissatisfaction at job are mentioned below.

  • Politics between co-workers.
  • The urge to be successful in a short span of time.
  • Inappropriate or undesirable working environment.
  • The criticism of your boss.

Another major reason that contributes towards job satisfaction is a person’s greed or his desire to achieve more and more. For instance, if you have a bike, you would want to buy a car. Once you buy a car for yourself, after some time you would want to have a bigger and more luxurious car. Such desires make us follow a race which has no finishing line!
The purpose of this article is to point out the reasons behind your dissatisfaction regarding your job as well as to give you some suggestions about how to deal with this problem.

Choose your Field of Interest

It is very important to take your interests and aptitude into account and choose the field which you are interested in. A major reason behind the dissatisfaction of people is their impatience and lack of capability. This makes them fall prey to inferiority complex. But if you are interested in a certain field, you would naturally be good at every work related to it.

Don’t Follow the Trends

Sometimes people just follow others. They just want to do what the rest of the world is doing. As a consequence, they might be ready to do a job, which is not related to their field of interest. This inevitably leads to job dissatisfaction.

Overcome Financial Pressures

Another reason why most people opt for a job not related to their field is their financial pressures. However, you should not do a job merely for money.

Stay away from Office Politics

You should try your best to stay away from your office politics as much as possible. This is a major reason why employers find their jobs to be stressful. If you involve yourself in this politics, you would find everyone else trying to drag you down.
You should prefer a working environment where you can progress and feel confident about yourself.


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