Jaundice: Causes, Symptoms and Side Effects


Hepatitis is a fatal disease caused by virus and a debatable topic to talk. Hepatitis is more active in the season of autumn and has equal effects on children and elders. Basically it destroys the important body organs and consequently causes death of patient. As a first symptom, patient does not feel hunger and starts avoiding meal. The symptoms of cold and being annoyed and irritated are always associated with hepatitis. In cases, the patient suffers from high fever for at least four days up to maximum 101 degrees but normally not more than 99 degrees. Once anyone has been diagnosed as hepatitis, there are very rare chances for its repetition. This disease normally attacks the liver of patient and damages it in such a way that it stops functioning and in most cases person passes away. Among all types of Hepatitis, Hepatitis C is the most fatal and complicated.

During hepatitis, the stool becomes colorless and the urine color is transformed into pale yellow. While urination there is irritation and pain in urethra. This disease not only changes the skin complexion but also is arises too much pain. In this disease human lever and pancreas are enlarged and body starts irritating. Bile salt and bile pigments are excreted along with the urine, which causes to loosen the body strength, and there is shortage of bold platelets. In the very beginning it just starts with the fever but does not show all of its fatal symptoms and later on with the passage of time it takes patient into very serious. This harmful and fatal disease causes the lever to stop its functions. At its extreme conditions vomiting, bleeding in stomach and intestines starts. And the liver starts collapsing while on the other side pancreas gets enlarged, both of these are the most serious conditions for patient. The harmful aspects of this disease can also paralyze the necessary organs of human body and the body mechanism is very badly disturbed. Because of increased pressure of blood in stomach and intestines, there are huge chances for piles. Belly gets stiffened as it is filled by huge amount of water. At last stage, blood-vomits start and sometimes the patient might also go into comma at extreme conditions which becomes very difficult condition for patient’s survival.


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