Islam and Science

Islam and Science

Islam was started 1400 years ago in Arab. As Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) started to preach the teachings of Islam, people declared him poet and magician. But the truth was that, he was illiterate. Still all the predictions he narrated at that time are happening today. The predictions have also surprised the scientific world as well. The science was unavailable in 18th century. It was started in 19th century. Science is actually the name of the point of view. The scientific people only believe in the scientifically existing things. They even don’t believe in God, because God is neither seen nor listened. In 18th century, the rate of the unbelievers started to rise. Christianity was also affected by these new thoughts of science. World gave them severe punishments including Galileo.

These punishments did noting in favor of the cause, but people started to think that religion and science are two entirely different things. On the other hands, the new advancements in science proved that Islam is the only true religion on earth. Some examples are given below to explain the view.

ZamZam Water

Two and a half years age, an article was published in a newspaper, in which the discovery of a very popular Japanese Doctor Sarwa Amoto surprised the world. He said that, no other water of the world has specialties like ZamZam water. By using Nano technology in the observations, Doctor Sarwa Amoto has proved that, if a single drop of ZamZam water will be mixed in any other water that will also gain the same specialties. Doctor Amoto is the dean of institute of research in Japan. In his speech he said, he found this ZamZam water from an Arab in Japan. By research on this water, he found out that a drop of this water is a shiny mineral essence and no other water contains these specialties except ZamZam water. He also explained that the properties of this water are unchangeable and he has no explanation about this matter. Japanese scientists also said that Muslims recite Bismillah before every work of their life. They also said that whenever you recite Bismillah on any water it changes its properties. When this assumption was tested in the laboratory, it was seen that by reciting Quranic Phrases on any water changes its properties.

Article about Islam and Science in Urdu is given below.


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