Is Your Job Making You Depressed


Saying about life,
“Life is simple, it’s just not easy”
It means life is simple but not easy because it’s having many ups and downs that one has to face.
These ups and downs refer to the changes in life and in mood like low mood mean depression. When you are not getting according to your expectations from your life, it leads you to the depressive disorder like sad and blue mood. You feel helpless or hopeless in that case. It is very common as worldwide 121 million people are affected by depression and the result of depression can be weight lose, sleep, fatigue or suicide. There are many psychological and social factors that cause depression like job can be the reason of depression. Reason for the job depression can be heavy work load, problematic relationship with boss, low return etc and it is seen that rate of depression in women is high as compared to the men.

Depression is an illness you should consult to the psychiatrist for treatment if required. To avoid depression:

  • You need to know that it’s not only you who is having problems in life. Don’t take too much tension and think about others who are facing many problems than you.
  • Talk to the people you trust: it is good to share your problems, it reduce the level of depression. Some people thought that they should handle their stress by their own but if you share your problem to your friend or family member, can help you to feel better.
  • Proper rest is required to recover. Get enough sleep to reduce your stress. On average 8 to 9 hours of sleep is good for health. Eat fresh food; it gives good effect to your diet as good health leads to feel good.
  • Medication can also help you to reduce depression. Different treatments are offered for depression.
  • Try to keep yourself busy in social activities; it makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. But make a social circle with positive mental approach and try to adopt their optimism.
  • Practice relaxation techniques to reduce stress and depression. Try deep breathing, yoga or medication.


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