Is Laughter A Best Medicine ?


Laughing is something that comes naturally when we are around our friends and family and enjoy their company. We crack many different jokes on each other and about the things we know. This is how we get to spend a good time with them.

So, laughter can also be called as the definition of the good time. The more we laugh the more we think we had a good time. When we do not laugh that time is the most boring time we spend or we call it to be serious and practical in its sense.

Today I will tell you about how laughing is not just laughing and getting to spend some quality time.

Why do they say that laughter is the best medicine?

What is it that makes it a medicine for you?

All of these mysteries will be revealed here today so you know that laughing does not only give you a wonderful time, but it increases the time of your life, adds up to your health and helps you live long.

Science Calls it an Opportunity for Survival

According to the scientists, they believe that the growth of brain which resulted in the complex evolution of human life made advancements in the social sphere as well. Man needed to charm as many people around him to gain benefits, make terms and increase his chances for survival. This is why; laughter came as an evolutionary aspect in him so he can develop better opportunities to survive.

Laughter Therapy ahs Health Benefits

I know you must be laughing at me right now. But this is not a joke. Trust me. This thing has gained popularity and has been given the advancement in the form of the Laughter yoga. It sprang from India and now it is famous in the whole wide world. It is believed that laughter has got immense effects on the health. It lifts your mood. It relaxes your brain stresses and posses a relieving power. That is why the practice is being given much importance now.

Health Benefits Explained

Let me now just explain a little about the health benefits that you get by laughing and you would be literally stunned that when you were laughing at me a little while ago, you were actually doing a favor to your own self.

The happy hormones get active in your brain when you laugh and they make you younger. Women are attracted mostly to men who can make them laugh. When you laugh you get energetic which is because it increases the supply of oxygen to your brain so as a result you feel more alive and active.

As the mental stresses are related to your brain and the blood flow in your body, so when you laugh the stress gets reduced, the blood pressure gets fine and so it has a beneficial effect for your heart as well. Studies are being made to further make this aspect sure that how does it have a positive effect for the heart exactly.

So you see, how can you change your world just by having a good laugh, and now you can say it with confidence that Laughter, really is the best medicine.


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