Insomnia Causes and Treatment


Insomnia Causes and Treatment: Insomnia in simple words can be referred to as lack of sleep. People suffering this disease feel trouble in sleeping. Strange is the fact that some people sleep too much and stay worried because of this oversleeping habit and on the other side there are many who are worry about lack of sleep. Nature has kept a balance in everything so neither lacking nor being in excess is good. Moderate way is the best way.

Insomnia Causes

You fall victim to insomnia when:

  • You work longer till late night
  • You think about something excessively
  • You are hit by any trouble which you cannot share with others
  • You are afraid of your past or future
  • You oversleep in day time or sleep in unusual time
  • You wake up too often in night
  • You get up too early in morning
  • Or maybe you do not want to sleep

However one more fatal form of insomnia is permanent insomnia. Other forms of this disease which are not that fatal hit different people in different ages of their lives and are eventually fixed but permanent insomnia is with the patient for his rest of life.

There are few Causes of Permanent Insomnia:

  • Having such diseases in which patients feel uncomfortable while breathing
  • Using caffeine, alcohol and nicotine and other edibles which have such drugs
  • Continuous problems and depressions in which you need a psychiatrist
  • Any mental pressure which keeps your mood down
  • Due to tough routine of work
  • Nightmares which don not let you sleep

Besides all these above said factors if you take continuous tension of any problem, gradually your sleep goes away.

Insomnia Treatment:

First of all you should have proper sleeping habits and you need to limit your work within your working hours. Go to sleep when it is the time to sleep and do not worry about pending work as you can do it next morning.

Try not to eat anything before you go to bed and if it is one of your habits, quit it. When you fill your stomach before bed time it does not let you fall asleep.


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