Improving Your Memory Tips in Urdu


For those who are suffering from memory problem can learn how to improve memory in this article. If our brains were computers, we would have added simply a chip to upgrade our memory. However, the human brain is more complex than even the most advanced machine, so improving human memory requires slightly more effort. Just like muscular strength, your ability to remember, increases when you develop a practice or exercise with a good diet and with other healthy habits. In addition to exercising your brain, here are some tips you can learn to improve your ability to memorize.

  • Make habits of getting up early from bed, because experts said it is healthy, wealthy and wise and there are a number of examples which can be seen.
  • At the time of going to sleep, don’t recall bad and discouraging memories of the day and give your mind a break.
  • For peaceful and healthy sleeps in the night, choose airy places where there is excessive amount of oxygen.
  • Wake up early in the morning, offer prayer and then do some exercise in open air. Because at early mornings the air is pure and contains huge amount of oxygen, which is necessary for our brains. To fulfill this need take deep breaths during exercise so that your brains can get the proper amount of oxygen it requires.
  • Games whether indoor or outdoor are not only for children but these are for every age group and these increase the mental capabilities of all. That’s why one must play interesting games either physical or mental. You can also go for some video games online which could be mind buster or play some adventure or something else. Select the game according to your nature.
  • Always go for simple and proper diets. Because simple and proper diets are effective and necessary for improvement in our mental capabilities.
  • Get medical treatment for diseases like blood pressure, sugar and mental related diseases. These diseases could harm the memory powers.
  • Make a schedule of your daily activities. This will help you to recall your memory and when you will be able to recall your memory on daily basis your memory power will be strengthen.

Apply these tips in your daily life, which are the answer to how to improve memory? Exercise your brain on daily basis with any of these tips and get your memory power as strong as you want.


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