How to Make Eyebrows


Eyes makeup is incomplete without eyebrows makeup. The eyebrows are the most important feature of the eyes; a good makeup on eyebrows can make eyes look much better. Women realize the importance of eyebrows that is why they always head towards the beauty salons for eyebrow makeup. Though going to a non-professional beauty parlour for eyebrow plucking is a big risk as a beautician at beauty parlour is unaware about the shape of your eyes and they pluck the eyebrows before noticing their style. As a result your eyebrows don’t match with the makeup of your eyes and face. All the women are well aware with the fact that well plucked eyebrows with matching eye and face makeup can make them look extra pretty.

Women that don’t like to go to a beauty parlour for eyebrow plucking can do this at home. It is a very easy method to pluck eyebrows at home yet most of the women are afraid to pluck eyebrows at home because if anything goes wrong, entire face will be spoiled. Such women should practice plucking on their arms and legs with the help of a thread. When they feel that they are now better at it, then they should try it with their eyebrows. Here we will list down step by step instructions for plucking eyebrows.

There is a host of things that you need to pluck your eyes. These include:

  • Tweezer to pluck the hairs.
  • One cup hot water to make eyebrows soft and wet so that hairs are plucked easily.
  • One small mirror and magnifying glass.
  • A small towel or tissue paper to clean the face.
  • Tissue paper
  • A small scissor to cut eyebrow hairs and black and white pencil
  • White thread and eyebrow comb


  • First of all decide the shape of eyebrows you want.
  • Once you have decided the shape of your eyebrows, draw the shape on your eyebrows with black pencil so that the hairs that you have to pluck become prominent.
  • After marking your eyebrows pluck the hairs that lie outside the marked region with the help of tweezer or thread.
  • To make eyebrows look more prominent level the size of hairs with a scissor.
  • To get rid of skin irritation after plucking, dip the towel in cold water and rub it gently on the eyebrows.

The secret behind making eyebrow look more beautiful and prominent is choosing the right shape of eyebrows that matches your face. If you don’t know what type of eyebrows will suit you, it is always a good idea to surf internet and look for different styles of eyebrows that matches your shape.


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