Mohammad Bin Eisa Bin Soorah Bin Dahak Al Salma was a great scholar of Muslims. If you were looking for the Imam Tirmizi biography, find complete details in the following lines. He was born in 824. His grandfather migrated to Tirmiz. The information about the early life of Abu Eesa is unknown. Some say that he was blind at the time of his birth and some say he was blinded in the old age. He traveled to the long distances of Kharasan, Iraq and Hijaz to gather the Ahadees of Prophet Mohammad (SAW). He took education from a huge number of great scholars. The most popular of them are Imam Bukhari, Imam Muslim, Imam Abu Dawood, Qatbea Bin Saeed, Ali Bin Hajar and Mohammad bin Bashar. Imam Tirmizy always narrated himself to “Ehle Hadis” sect, but some other scholars say that he was “Shafai” or “Hanbali”. The reality was that he himself was a great scholar so he didn’t need any other great scholar to follow. The great scholars like Ahmad Bin Abdullah Al Maroozy, Hasheem Bin Kaleeb Al Shami, Mohammad Bin Ahmed Bin Mahboob, Ahmed Bin Yousaf Ansafy, Asad Hamdadia, Dawood Bin Nasar Abzody, Mohammad Bin Manzar Al Harvi, Abuzar Mohammad Bin Ibrahim, Abu Mohammad Hassan Bin Ibrahim, Abu Al Hassan Wazry and Mohammad Bin Sufyan were the popular ones in his students’ list. Even the greatest scholar Imam Bukhari had also learnt 2 Ahadees from Imam Tirmizi. He has also written some great books to solve complicated problems of the Muslim culture. The most popular of them are “Al Jame Al Tirmizi”, “Kitab Al Alal Al Sagheer”, “Kitab Al Alal Al Kabeer”, “Kitab Al Tareekh, Kitab Al Zahad”, “Kitab Aka Sama Walkuni” and “Kitab Al Shumail Al Nabuwah”. He was died in Tirmiz in 892. To read Imam Tirmizi Biography in Urdu, read the content below.
History Of Tirmizi


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