“Abdurrehman Abu Zaid Ibn e khuldun” was born on 27th May 1332 in Tunis. He got his primary education from the same region. He also got religious education from the scholars of the court of “Abul Hassan Mirini”. He got a significant position in the court in 1352 and the next year, he was appointed as the calligraphist of the king. After some time, he went to the court of “King Zaab” but on the request of the scholars, he was summoned back to the “Faas” and therefore, in 1354 he was appointed as the calligraphist of the “Abu Annan Qareeni”. After two years, he faced the brutality of the King who had been poisoning him for a long time. The new King, “Abu Saalim” released him and also offered him a big post but he refused to accept that and turned his back to “Gharnaata”. He returned soon and was employed under the Kingdom of “Tilmsaan Abu Hamu Saani”. Afterwards, he became a companion of the King “Abdul Aziz”. Soon he got sick of these people, made his resident in the Fort of “Ibn e Salaama”, and started writing the history. He had gained plenty of knowledge about the current issues and that’s why his writings were the most famous ones of that time. The complete biography of “Ibn e Khaldun in Urdu” is provided in the following article. Read his efforts that he made to become the most famous personality in the history.

Ibn E Khaldun In UrduTareekh E Ibn E Khaldun In Urdu


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