Hussain Bin Ali R.A


Hazrat Imam Hussain-bin-Ali (R.A)

Hazrat Imam Hussain-bin-Ali (razi allah tala anhu) was the grandson of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him), third Imam, greatest of all martyrs and the son of Hazrat Fatima (razi allah tala anha) and Hazrat Ali (razi allah tala anhu). He was born in the city of Madina. When the Prophet (Peace be upon him) received the news of his birth, he went and called for the child to call azan and prayer in his ears. His parents named him “HARAB” but the prophet (Peace be upon him) didn’t like this name and replaced it with “Hussain.” His childhood was filled with various emotional incidents of Prophet’s love and affection for him. Holly prophet used to let him play in his lap and ride on his shoulders. Prophet had a special degree of love for him and used to visit daily to see both his grandsons (Hassan and Hussain). Prophet (Peace be upon him) departed from this world when Hazrat Imam Hussain was only seven years old.

He became an adult in the time of khilafat of Hazrat Abu-bakar (razi allah tala anhu). Hazrat Umar (razi allah tala anhu) always treated him with love and respect knowing the fact that he was Prophet’s beloved. He fought his first jihad for Islam when Hazrat Usman (razi allah tala anhu) was the caliph of Islam. During the revolt against Hazrat Usman (razi allah tala anhu), when the rebels surrounded the Caliph’s home, he was also appointed to guard the Caliph of Islam with his brother Hazrat Imam Hassan (razi allah tala anhu). He moved to Kufa when Hazrat Ali (razi allah tala anhu)shifted the capital there. He was with his father in the war of “Jamal” and escorted Hazrat Ayesha (razi allah tala anha) several miles into Madina to make sure that she safely reached there. He actively participated in the war of Sufain as well. After this war he also played a crucial part to curb and hold back the “Khawarij.”

He was in Kufa at the time of Hazrat Ali’s (razi allah tala anhu) martyrdom. He strongly opposed the decision of his brother Hazrat Imam Hassan (razi allah tala anhu) to withdraw himself as a contestant of khilafat against Hazrat Ameer Muavia (razi allah tala anhu). Still he took part in the wars in that era of Muavia’s caliphate and achieved mark victory in the endeavor of Constantinople. He met Hazrat Ameer Muavia (razi allah tala anhu) and registered his protest on various worsening situations. He was a fond scholar of Quran and Hadith. He used to offer nafafils (prayer) a lot and often observed fast. He performed twenty five (25) Hajjs. He was martyred in Karbala which shook the whole Muslim history forever. Many authors and historiographers wrote a lot of books on this unfortunate incident due to its huge impact on Islamic world. Hazrat Imam Hussain (razi allah tala anhu) saw the initial evolutionary years of Islam and took part in important Islamic endeavors. In 56 Hijri when “Yazid” was declared the prince and next caliph, he strongly opposed it and declared it un-Islamic. The situation got worst until this world witnesses the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain (razi allah tala anhu) in Karbala.
He sacrificed his life to strengthen the religion of his maternal grandfather, the prophet of Islam (PBUM). You have quoted eight hadith as he was a little child when Prophet (Peace be upon him) was alive. He was married at different times but his only male child Hazrat Zain-ul-Abidin survived. All others were martyred in the Karbala incident. Hazrat Sakina , Hazrat zainab and Hazrat Fatima were among your daughters.


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