How to Tighten Breast Naturally At Home


All woman want to have perfectly molded breasts all over her life. Unhappily, this is not an easy job. Breast drooping is natural, that occurs with age whereas the breasts lose their agility and bounciness.
When a woman reaches the age of forty her breasts start drooping, it may happen before the age of forty. There are other factors that cause the drooping of breasts which may include breastfeeding, pregnancy, menopause, fast weight loss or gain, active exercise, nutritional lack and wearing ill-fitting bra.
Some diseases like breast cancer or respiratory conditions like tuberculosis can also cause breasts to sag. Also, excessive consumption of nicotine, alcohol and carbonated beverages can contribute to the problem.
There are no muscle in Breasts. Breast consist of fat, connective nerves and milk-producing glands, and they need appropriate care to retain them in good shape.
An extensive variety of ointments and lotions are available in the market to tighten and tone up drooping breasts. Though, if you wish natural methods, there are numerous modest and cool home remedies that you can try.

  1. Swimming:
    Swimming is considered an outstanding exercise and works delightfully against drooping breasts. Make a swimming plan in your routine, it would result your drooping breast flattened up and tighten after few weeks.
  2. Exercise of Push-Ups:
    Push-ups tighten your breasts as earlier as you want. During exercise of push-ups do not rise up your legs or shoulders from the floor during exercise. By applying this method your breasts definitely going to tighten your drooping breasts with this coolest exercise in very short time.
  3. Load Lifting:
    Weightlifting can also help you tighten breasts naturally. At first step Lift up the weight in as lower as touching your breasts with your elbows, secondly goes a little upper near your shoulder and finally, your lifted weight must go upper your head level. Repeat this breast exercise at least thirty times in two sets per day.
  4. Yoga Postures to Tighten Breasts:
    Yoga does well in tightening breasts. Go for the below-given yoga stances in order to firm up your drooping breasts;
    Triangle Pose
    standing forward bend
    Cobra Pose
    Inverted Leg Stretch
    Camel pose
    Double Angle Pose
  5. Regularly wear Bra
    Always wear a bra to prevent drooping breasts. Bras with shoulder hooks are best for this purpose as wearing strip fewer bras does not give that appropriate support that helps in firming breasts.
  6. Yogurt and Vitamin E
    Take an equal amount of yogurt and vitamin E. Mix both ingredients well till it makes an equal paste. Now apply this paste on your breasts and start massaging with your fingertips in circular movement till the end of at least thirty minutes for best and quicker results. After this leave this for almost more forty minutes to let it get absorbed. In the last step take Luke warm water mixed with rose water and wash out that greasy paste. You will find your breasts well tighten after applying this technique.
  7. Use Egg
    Beat an egg white in a cream and apply this paste under your breasts for about forty minutes. Take the juice of an onion with double amount of fresh water and wash out breasts with this water. This effective home remedy works well to lift up your breasts.
  8. Use of fenugreek powder
    Take one forth cup of fenugreek powder and make a paste with water. Massage this paste on your breasts for fifteen minutes and then leave for further ten minutes. This tip is good to tighten your breasts as well as making a good increase in breasts size also.


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