How to Style Medium Length Hair

Women are always in a hurry since they are multitasking most of the time. In this rush, they hardly find the time to style their medium length hair appropriately. Below I have compiled a list of 5 amazing looking medium length hairstyles:

Side Braid:

Side braid hairstyles look very feminine and chic. They look great with traditional wear and western wear. You can style your medium length hair into a side braid by first pulling your bangs on one side and the rest of the hair on the other side. Secure the back of your hair with a bobby pin. Make 3 partings in your hair and start making a simple braid. Make the braid according to the length of your hair. Leave a little length of the hair non-braided and fasten with a rubber band.


This hairstyle is ideal for those with outgrown bangs. However, women without bangs can also make it easier. You can style your medium length hair into a puff by combing back all your bangs. Then hold them tight. In case you don’t have bangs, comb back the front section of your hair and hold it. Twist the bangs/front section of hair around 360 degrees. Next slowly move the twisted section in front to make a puff. If you want the puff to be higher, you can move it slightly forward. Fasten the puff with bobby pins or a small clip. You can now either leave the rest of the hair open on both sides or pull them on one side.

Puff with High Ponytail:

This medium length hairstyle gives a more formal look. It also looks very pretty and elegant hair and goes well with shirts and formal dresses. You can style your medium length hair into a puff with a high ponytail by following the above procedure for making a puff. Finally, the open hair left loose at the end can be tied up into a ponytail.

Messy Updo:

This medium length hair can be styled easily and quickly. This is a good option for those who don’t want bangs on their face. It can be made easily well 2 or 3 days after hair wash since hair is more manageable at that time. You can style your medium length hair into a messy updo by holding all your hair high and then fastening in a ponytail. Make sure to not take all the hair length out while tying your hair up. Finally, leave some hair at the back. Repeat the procedure and fasten the rubber band the second time. Now after folding your hair twice, you can leave the remaining hair in a messy look.

Neat up do:

This hairstyle is also very convenient and looks elegant. You can style your medium length hair into a neat updo by following the above procedure till the second last step. Then hold the hair up and twist in a roll. Lastly, fasten with a rubber band and you are ready.


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