How to Save Energy


One cannot controvert the importance of energy sources as these are the most vital assets of any country and it is highly recommended that the energy sources should be saved to overcome the severe crises related to energy sector. Due to the wastage of these sources, the country also faces big problems along with the bad impacts on domestic lives. The energy crises are taking the country to a devastating position. Pakistan is facing a kind of worse energy shortage because the consumption is high then the production of the energy. Pakistan is a country with rich energy resources but there is lack of technical know how and the government is reluctant to explore those resources.

Government should produce electricity from the other resources like water, wind energy and coal energy. New dams should be constructed and government should resolve the problem related to the dams that are under construction. Nuclear reactor should be built for power generation because it is an effective way to produce energy. Summers of Pakistan are longer than winters that made Pakistan a country rich in solar energy. So why don’t the government go for solar energy to produce electricity.
In this article, we will discuss different points to tell you about how to save energy resources. Following are the simple ways to save energy.

  1. Take bath at afternoon in winters, in this way you can save energy (natural gas) because there is no need of warm water for taking bath at that time.
  2. Minimum the use of vehicles run on gas.
  3. Try to sleep early at night to ensure the minimum usage of electricity.
  4. Try to avoid the wastage of water.
  5. Switch off the electronics products. Do not put your electrical products like T.V on standby mode.
  6. Use public transport instead of own vehicles to save gas and petrol.
  7. Keep the temperature of your air conditioner on 26 °c.
  8. Energy saving would also save your money, reduce the pollution because less vehicles will be used and in this way you will contribute to reduce global warming.
  9. Turn off the extra lights and use energy saving lights.
  10. Keep the temperature of your refrigerator on 3°c to save the electricity because refrigerators consume more electricity than other electric appliances.
  11. Insulation sheets should be used in the walls of houses. Insulation sheets keep the temperature low.


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