How to Remove Lipstick from Lips?


Most of the facial skin diseases are caused by improper removal of make-up from the face. Women that apply make-up daily should never sleep without removing make-up as it can lead to serious skin diseases. If you don’t remove the lipstick from your lips for a longer period of the time than your lips become dry and they can even be decolorized. Here we will list down a few tips, which can be followed for proper removal of lipstick.

  • The material needed for a removal of lipstick is cotton swab, cold cream, make-up removal, cleansing milk, towel and a moisturiser.
  • First of all wash your hands thoroughly. It is strongly recommended to wash your hands before applying or removing make-up.
  • Now apply a small amount of cold cream on cotton swab and rub it gently on lips to make lipstick stick. Once it is soft rub it little hard to remove the lipstick from the lips.
  • If lipstick doesn’t come off with a cotton swab because of dryness then use a wet towel or tissue. Rub the tissue or towel gently until it gets wet and starts coming off.
  • Remove the lipstick carefully so that cold cream or any other stuff doesn’t go inside your mouth. If it does go then quickly wash your mouth.
  • After removing lipstick always apply lip balm or moisturiser on the lips. Don’t apply any other stuff other than them.
  • Ex-foliating cleans lips and makes them fresh. It is recommended to apply ex-foliating at least once in a week. It removes the dead cells from the lips and increases the circulation of blood to the lips. It also saves lips from chapping so it is strongly recommended to apply it once in a week especially in winters.

Whenever you apply lipstick, it is recommended to apply moisturiser rich in Vitamin E before applying lipstick. It helps to keep lips fresh and shiny. Some women’s lips are sensitive to extreme weather changes. Their lips are chapped in winters so they are recommended to use Chap Stick or any other protective gel to keep their lips safe from weather changes.


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