How to make your hands air in two days?


When you are part of any occasion or party, almost each part of your body is noticed and observed but normally when you are working on the making your skin fair, white and spotless then you overlook your hands specially feet.
We take special care our hairs and face but forgot our hands and feet. There are several commercial products and chemicals available in market for clean and fair hands but these products also possess too many side effects.
There are some natural home remedies which can get help you in getting clean, clear and fair hands without spending too much.
Peel of Orange
This is a very short, simple but dominating tip for having clean, clear and fair hands. Take some peels of orange, dry them in sunlight, grind these peels, mix some milk in it, and keep this paste in a jar. Wash your hands with your usual soap then apply this paste on your hands and leave it on your hands for twenty to twenty five minutes then was your hands with cool water. Repeat this practice for two or three times a day. You will have fair hands within two days.
Use of Potatoes
You can use potatoes to get your hands fair and clean within two days. You can use potatoes simply by cutting them into slices and rubbing these slices on your hands, then wash your hands after few minutes. Potatoes can also be used by making the paste or juice of potatoes and applying it on your hands, it would give you instant result.
Use of Almonds
Almonds are also considered to be a good home natural remedy for fair and clean hands. Take some almonds, soak them in water for one night, make the paste of these almonds after uncovering them, then mix some milk, gram flour and few drops of lemon juice. After making this mixture apply it on your hands for few minutes. Carry on this practice for two to three times a day, it would make your hands fairer instantly in two days.
Use of Oatmeal
Oatmeal has the characteristic of removing old skin and giving assistance in the growth of new and fresh skin cells. Take two table spoons of oatmeal, one table spoon of curd and one table spoon of lemon juice. Blend all these items so that it is converted into paste. Apply this paste on your hands and leave it for few minutes then wash it with normal water. This would give you instant result. Repeat this process two times a day.
Using Rose Water
Rose water is a great source for having fair and clean hands in two days. Take two cups of rose water, mix it with 3.5 spoons of borax powder and 2.5 spoons of glycerin. Swab this mixture on your hands and leave your hands for almost thirty minutes then was your hands.
You can also use rose water with gram flour (few drops of rose water and five table spoon of gram flour) and some clean water. Then apply this paste on your hands. Don’t wash your hands until this paste get dry.
Repeat this process for at least two times a day for getting fair hands in two days.


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