How To Make Money From Adsense?


As each of us, know that Google is a world’s best search engine with the help of whom you can get the desired links and information about different websites. Google got this prominent position in short period and leave all other competitor search engines behind.

What is Google Adsense?

Along with serving as a search engine, Google has many other utilities; Google Adsense is one of those. Google Adsense is a program through which one can earn by doing online jobs. Google Adsense provides you ads of various companies and websites that you have to post on your web site. After publishing the ad, when user clicks on the ad, Google pay you for that click. You can earn a sufficient amount of money from Google Adsense but this is critical process because if you want to earn through it, you have to work hard as there is no short cut to earn on internet.

Pre requisites to apply for Google Adsense:

It is about one or two years ago, when it was very convenient to make an account for Google Adsense but now, the scenario has been changed. One has to make great efforts to get the account; following are the conditions that must be fulfilled before applying.

  • First and the most important condition is that your “Domain name” must be registered on your own name. Your name should not only be registered but also unique and in accordance with your website agenda.
  • The domain that you use for applying should be 6 months old, otherwise you cannot apply for the account.
  • There should be a standardized web site or blog on your domain name and one of the famous blogs is WordPress; most popular blog platform.
  • The content of your web site should be in English or any other language that is supported by the Google Adsense. In addition, content should be original (created by you) because to copy from other web sites is against the policy of the Adsense.
  • Traffic on your web site should be sufficient to run and rest of the condition is following.
  • Apply with 6 months old domain name and the follow the rules and laws of Google.
  • If you want to earn via Google Adsense, you should registered your domain name now, because it takes 6 month to apply and in those 6 months, your site would become a standardized website.
What is Google Adsense
Requirements for Google Adsense


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