How to make hair grow faster


Hair fall has become the global issue for women as well as men. This is the dream of everyone to have silky, shiny, thick and black hairs. No one like baldness. There are several ways to make hair grow faster, but each way need consistency because for completion of every process time and patience is needed. Some of best ways for faster hair grow are as follows:-
Be patient
Faster growth of hairs is not a quick process. Its result are not taken overnight. You will have to be patient and stick to your plan for faster growth of your hairs.
Healthy Diet
Sound and healthy diet is a tonic for the faster growth of your hairs. You must take the all ingredients in your food which are necessary for faster hair growth. In your food there should be sufficient quantity of vitamins (A, B, C), protein and zinc etc. These ingredients in your food make your hairs strong, healthy, shiner as well as grow new hairs.
Give your scalp rest
For having growth faster of your hairs, you need to regularly massage of your scalp. It would add a dominant effect on the growth of your hairs.
Use of Shampoo
Shampoo is a good thing for your hairs. It clean up your hairs, make them silky and shiner. But excessive use of shampoo can harm your hair cells. It can decrease the ability of growing new hairs and can weak the existing hairs. It is also the good reason for hair fall. So, be conscious while using shampoo.
Use of conditioner
You must use the conditioner of your choice frequently soon after using the shampoo. It would support the faster growth of your hairs.
Trimming the Hairs
Hair trim should not be avoided, especially women. Ending corner of your hairs should be trimmed regularly and frequently. Untrimmed hairs can become the hurdle for the growth of new hairs.
Use Oil on your hairs
Oil either it is coconut or palm oil is good natural remedy for the faster growth of hairs. It is a best tonic. You must use hair oil frequently on weekly basis.
Brush your hairs gently
Hair brushing should be done gently and calmly. If you use your hair brush hardly and rashly then it can break your hairs and can weak your hairs.
Keep your hair down
Flip down your hairs if you have long hairs. This tip will boost your hair growth. Practice this exercise two times a day.
10.Away from stress
Stress free life is the desire of faster growth of your hairs. If you take too much stress of any situation then it may be a reason for your hair fall. So, try to be far away from tension, depression and stress in your life.
11.Use of Cotton Pillow
You should use cotton pillow case because it causes some friction which is good for hair growth. If you use soften a sateen fabric then it will cause fewer tangles .

  1. Pony Placement of your Hairs
    13.Use of Cold Water for washing your hairs
  2. Urge to go Blonde
  3. Don’t use heat styling tools
  4. Distribute your hairs by using natural oil
  5. Don’t do trendy cleanliness
  6. Careful about your skin
  7. Give your hair some rest
  8. Avoid Extension


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