How to Maintain a Car: Tips in Urdu


Instructions and Tips for Maintaining your Car
Some people take care of their cars more than they care for their own bodies. They keep their cars in shape by cleaning and tuning it on a regular basis.
It is important to maintain your car so that you do not encounter a fault in the car all of a sudden. What if your car stops running while you are on a journey with your family? Taking care of your car regularly helps you avoid such situations.
Here are some guidelines, which should be followed for the maintenance of your car.

  • Always check the fan belt and hoses before taking a trip in your car. The belt should not be loose as, usually, it loosens up after every 3000 kilometres.
  • For the maintenance of the tires, fill them up with air according to the required pressure. Always check the pressure before setting out on a journey.
  • If the warranty of the tires expires, you should replace them, especially if they are too worn out. However, if they appear to be in a good condition, then there is no need to replace them urgently.
  • Oil is to car like blood is to body! Therefore, keep checking your car’s oil. It should be changed after every 3000 to 3500 kilometres or after 4000 Kms at the most.
  • In order to maintain the cooling system of the engine, replace the hose and the flush once every two years. Moreover, you should keep checking the cooling system every now and then.
  • The automatic transmission fluid should also be changed after every 36,000 Kms. You can find out whether it has expired or not by judging from its color. If the color is blackish and emits a burning smell then you should change the fluid.
  • Always keep your car’s windows and lights clean. In case any of them is broken, replace it as soon as possible.
  • Most old models of cars do not have durable breaking systems. More maintenance and service is required for these cars. On the other hand, the breaking system of the latest cars is more durable. Still, have a mechanic check the breaking system regularly in order to avoid serious accidents.
  • Do not ignore any unusual sound. It might be indicating the loosening up of the fan belt or the malfunction of any other part of the engine.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the interior of your car. Do not let dust particles enter as they can get into the CD player and the AC. They also reduce the clarity of the meter.
  • Your car’s battery is also very important. Get it checked regularly.
  • Have a qualified mechanic check your car’s condition regularly.


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