How To Lower Cholesterol


Cholesterol is the basic fat of human body, which provides energy and the strength to the cells of the body but the cholesterol level should be maintained to a certain level, if the cholesterol level crossed the favorable limit then it can cause various diseases of heart. Cholesterol gives the body extra fats, oil and weight. It involves in the production of important hormones like Testosterone, Estrogen and cell membrane. 80 % of the body cholesterol produced in the liver while human body attains rest of the 20% from different food items. Normally, cholesterol is of two types:

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L.D.L is the low density cholesterol that produces fats in the body but these fats cannot be dissolved in the blood. This type of the cholesterol is harmful for the health because it accumulates in the veins and cause blood clotting. White blood cells absorbed LDL cholesterol and transform it in toxic form. If the cholesterol level of the body increased than the required level then there are chances of heart attack because along with cholesterol, plaque also accumulates in the veins that stops the blood circulation. The required level of LDL is 100 mg/dl/


HDL cholesterol is the high density cholesterol that helps to protect you from heart diseases. It is very beneficial for the human health and the required level of the HDL should be more than 60 mg/dL and you have to maintain that level. If the HDL level is less than 40 mg/dL then it is not good.

Reasons of high cholesterol level:

There are several reasons of high cholesterol like over usage of meat, egg, fish and milk. All these food items provide high cholesterol that cause many diseases. This article contains tips to avoid high cholesterol and to keep you healthy.

Healthy Food:

  • One should avoid the sea foods, eggs, milk and meat to keep you hale and hearty.
  • Eat fibrous foods like vegetables and fruits.
  • Fruits such as Grewia asiatica and jambula should be used regularly to reduce the cholesterol level.
  • Instead of ghee or cooking oil, use olive oil for cooking food; it reduces the fats level of cooked food.
  • Grapes and pomegranates juice is very healthy for the patients of high cholesterol, they reduce the cholesterol.
  • Drink plenty of water, it dilutes the accumulated blood and prevent the heart diseases.
    Except all above tips you should avoid oily and fried food like potato fries, fried fish etc, exercise regularly to keep your muscles active and strong and most important is stay away from drugs and alcohol.


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