How to Increase Breast Milk ?


Make Your Mind Stress-Free:

If you are mentally disturbed or have any stress on your mind, your milk supply would, definitely, get disturbed, so will your baby. First of all, abandon all stresses before going to feed your newborn. The best way of it is just to think good, make beautiful future plans for your child and just concentrate on him/her. If you are fully relaxed, your milk supply is surly going to have an increase in it.

Drink Enough:

When you start feeding your little one, keep a jug full of water with you and keep drinking with little gaps during feeding. This serves to increase breast milk.

Have Enough Time Playing with your Newborn:

If you have no activity, do not sit/lay idle but spend this time for playing with your little angel. I believe the more time you spend with her/him, more will be the production of the breast milk.

Feed for as Many Times as Baby Requires:

Feed for as many times as your child requires, no matter milk supply is on the go or not. The more the baby sucks, the more milk is produced.

Use Feeding Pump:

If your child is nursing on one side, use feeding pump on the other side to keep your production in run.


Push-ups are also known to be helpful to increase breast milk, so do twice a day for at least 15 minutes.

Right Feeding Posture:

Wrong feeding posture also affects your milk supply. If you don’t know by yourself, ask your doctor or some old lady for right feeding posture.

Offer Both Sides:

Do never feed your baby on single side, but offer him/her both sides to suck all the milk.

Sleep Properly:

Take proper sleeping hours because restlessness disturbs all the functions performed in the body.

Foods that help increase breast milk:

Below are listed some beneficial foods along with their properties that can be helpful for bringing an increase in breast milk.

  • Fennel Seeds (Saunf): Fennel seeds have amazing capability to make an adequate increase in breast milk because they are vitamin C enriched.
  • Cumin seeds (Jeera/Zeera): Because of being iron-enriched, cumin seeds are traditionally known as supplement to increase breast milk. It can be used in making delicious Prathas & many other fantastic dishes.
  • Black sesame seeds (Til): Black sesame seeds carry calcium which boosts breast milk production.
  • Holy basil (Tulsi): Tulsi carries vitamin K which definitely helps to bring a good increase in breast milk.
  • Dill seeds (Suwa): Suwa is the best source of iron, manganese and calcium, and surly makes a significant increase in breast milk.
  • Green and Gourd Vegetables: Greens, such as Palak and loki, carry minerals + vitamins properties and are good to increase breast milk production.
  • Pulses or lentils (Dal): Most of we people ignore lentils in their routine diet being unaware of the fact that these are a potential source of iron, calcium, and fibre that are helpful in making our body active and strong as well as bringing a superb increase in breast milk.
  • Red vegetables: Such as carrots are high in beta-carotene which is helpful in increasing breast milk.
  • Nuts: They make our body internally strong enough to cope with several ailments as well as boosting up an increase in breast milk.
  • Garlic: Its use in different spicy dishes causes an increase in breast milk as well as gives your dishes a good and delicious taste.
  • Oils and butter: If you are free from high blood pressure problem, the usage of oils and butter increases breast milk.
  • Fenugreek Seeds (Methi): Methi is important for its countless uses and properties. As it is rich in calcium, vitamin and minerals, it shows good results in increasing breast milk.
  • Oats (Dalia): Oats or Dalia is soft diet which keeps your stomach in order. Oats are high in iron, calcium and fibre which increase breast milk production.


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