How To Improve Your English?


English is in vogue in most of countries as international language and the language of communication among different countries of the world. English is spoken with different accents in different US countries, but most known and popular accents are; British accent & American accent. Many of us living in Asian countries find Speaking English quite difficult to learn or to speak. That’s why i have picked up some easiest tips which may prove helpful to improve English ( both spoken and understanding ). Go through this little but useful guideline about how to improve English and feel English as easy as never before.

Use the Internet:

The more time you utilize in surfing internet the more you improve your English as search engines are mainly based on English language. The surfing of internet i hope plays an efficient role in improving your command over English.

Listen to the Radio:

Listen to BBC London news on-aired on radio, this will help you pick different English words related to current affairs as well as improving your English vocabulary

Read English language Newspaper:

Purchase an English language newspaper along with the Native language newspaper and have a collective study of both of them in single time. In this way you would be able to widen your vocabulary in English and understand more things written in the newspaper with the help of both languages newspapers.

Practice Speaking English wherever You Can:

Practice speaking English (no matter right or wrong ) with your fellow beings or where else you can. This will sharpen your spoken English.

Watch English language Television and Films:

Watch English language films or programmes with native subtle. This practice polishes your English vocabulary as well.

Add dictionary in your Routine:

Keep an English language dictionary with you and add to it in your routine. A standard English to English dictionary would be more helpful as it helps learn different words related to the single thing or object.

Read kids’ Magazines:

The study of kids magazine adds more to your vocabulary related with routine incidents and happenings. Make at least three times study of the same article, in this way you will gradually be able to understand things in English language. This helps Improve English more quicker.

Choose a book series made for children and read them for Practice:

This will help you relating one incident to the other in a sequence.

Write your routine diary in English:

Try to write out your routine diary in English having no concern with right or wrong. In this way you will try to find out new and new words to use and definitely your English would get sharpened.

Listen to English Music:

Listen to English music songs this English learn tool works best as majority of us love music listening. Listening to English songs will prove helpful in teaching the expressions of different feelings.

Try to write reviews:

Try to write out reviews of some movie or documentary in English after watching it 2to3 times in your native language. This also helps to improve English language.

Try Translation by your Own:

Try translating some native language paragraphs or dialogues into English with the help of dictionary.

Read dialogues:

Choose some topics on which two people may condensate into English language already translated into native language.

Study comic story books in English language:

Make study of comic story books in English language, so that your sense of humor may develop into that particular language.

Read English language Entertainment Guides:

This will help polish your documentary understanding power into English language.

Try to think in English:

Whatever you have in your mind try to convert it in your mind into English.

Watch films in your language with English subtitles:

This is more easy way to learn different English long and short sentences and also you would pick up how to express different feelings in English language.

Punctuation Correction:

Wrong use of punctuation abruptly changes the expressions .you must differentiate such sentences which are hard to apart from each but boast totally different expressions as: “A woman without her man is nothing” and “A woman: without her, man is nothing”.
In this short piece of writing i have tried to put all the basics which can prove helpful to improve English language either it is spoken or written. I hope you would enjoy this short but informative guideline.


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