Potty Training: How To Get Rid Of The Overnight Diaper


The very last stage of getting rid of an overnight diaper is through potty training.

For a child to start sleeping with an overnight baby diaper, they need to, first of all, be trained to wearing regular under wares and once they get used to daytime, then they can proceed to train on overnight.

Children are all different and development of each one of them is gradual and different. One thing a mother should not do is to compare the children and how fast they are developing. Always keep on encouraging them and talking to them on the issue of sleeping with under wares and not diapers.

Teach the child that older people do not use diapers but use the toilet and since he is growing up, he should stop using the diapers. This is to clear his mind that he not only becoming a big child but also becoming responsible and accountable for his life.

There are some rules that one can introduce to start on potty training and some of them are:

  1. Reducing the beverage intake- For instance, start giving them during early hours before or at 6.00 pm to give time for peeing any excessive water in the body before sleep time. Once the child has now stopped using the diapers and gets used to the life of night under wares, then this can be re-introduced.
  2. Make sure that there is a dim light in the bedroom where the child is such that if he wakes up at night, he will be comfortable to walk along as he goes to help himself. Ensure that this is not just an order but ought to be a fun activity.
  3. Ensure that the mattress is covered with a plastic paper in case he pees in bed, the mattress will not penetrate and as such will not get damaged easily. The child may feel uncomfortable using the plastic paper but it works well because he will also be sensitive enough to wake up before messing up.
  4. Should he pee in bed, be prepared to wash the beddings and continue encouraging him without falling into the temptation of using the diaper again. Practice will make perfect and should one stop training, then this goes back to square one where it will even take longer for the child to be comfortable using underwear.
  5. Once the child has started adjusting, applaud him for the great achievement and ensure that he marks this great success. Once applauded for the good work, he will keep encouraging himself not to urinate on himself and will soon live a great life.
  6. If in the event that the child has taken longer than expected and the training does not yield any fruits, then the next option is to visit a doctor who could give a way forward to support the potty training.


The answer to successful training at the end of the day is persistence. Do not tire of training and repeating what you did yesterday until the child perfects. It will not only ease the cost of buying diapers but will motivate the child to become a better him.

Always give a gift on each successful night that the child spend and this will keep working and he will become confident in himself.

The article is written by Sophia Nguyen from healthybabyhappyearth.com


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