How to Gain Weight Naturally


Weight gain is a natural and internally regulated phenomenon. It is thought that the weight and food have direct relation but this is not the case with everyone. Sometimes unhealthy food can also reduce your weight and it becomes difficult to gain weight. We are describing the weight gain tips so that you can put on some weight to look healthy and beautiful.

Foods to Gain Weight Naturally


The most important weight gain tip is to take care of your hygiene. For that, you should wash fruits and vegetables with warm water before use to kill the germs. Major components of diet are fats and protein. Make sure that your body is getting sufficient energy, fats and proteins.


Proteins are very important because they strengthen the muscles and tissues. It also helps out to get some weight. The genuine question that arises is what is the requirement of proteins by the human body? According to the experts, if your weight is 145 pounds, the healthy amount of proteins is 217 to 290gm. Protein enriched foods are Chicken Broast, mutton and beef, eggs and cheese. Rice and potatoes are the vital source of proteins that can increase your weight rapidly.

Healthy foods:

Oily food is harmful for the fat people but people who want to put on weight should eat these foods. Butter, olive oil, almond, dry fruits and fish are the healthy edibles that have fats. If you eat all these foods on regular basis, you can get the desired weight within few days.


One should eat more calories in order to put on weight. For female the suggested amount of calories is 2200/ daily and 3, 000 calories can increase the weight of ½ kg per week.

Fresh milk and juices are one of the smart options to get rid of skinny look. Energy drinks can also do wonders to increase the weight.

Diet plan:

You should not miss any meal of the day. Breakfast should consist on one glass of milk with butter toasts and in lunch you should eat fish or mutton as both are good alternatives. Keep your meal balanced so that you can gain the desired weight.


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