How to Find Your Face Shape?


The shape of the face is important to figure out because it determines that which hairstyle and which makeup style suits you. It is important to know your face shape for effective implementation of makeup and to select the suitable jewelry. There are five shapes of human face i.e. square shape, heart shape, oval shape, round shape and long shape. Let us have a detailed look of these face shapes.

Square Shape:

Normally, a square shaped face is considered as a symbol of beauty, different hairstyles suit different face shapes and similarly, for every face shape, there is a specific type of makeup. People with square face have broader forehead and jawbone but the cheeks are soft and of round shape. A layer cutting is perfect for the women of square face shape. You should avoid the straight long hair because it gives a faded touch to your personality.

Heart Shaped Face:

Heart shaped face looks like the human heart means the forehead of this face would be flat and broad while the chin is pointed. The cheekbone of the people with heart shaped face is prominent but its height is not that much prominent because of the flat forehead. The best hairstyle for heart shaped face is of short length like Bob shape, which is best suited if your hair is curly. People with round shape should evade high hump style.

Round shape:

The features of the round face are in round shape (symmetry) or in a circle because of that face has round look. The cheeks can be round or flat and the shape of the jaw is like Taw line, which is also known as hormone shape. A graduated bob cut is appropriate for the round shaped face and flicks or bangs look beautiful but one should stay away from the straight bangs.

Long Shaped Face:

This type of face has pointed forehead and chin with flat cheekbones. This type of face is thin and cheeks are flat. For these people, short hair is best suited avoid the too long hair because it makes your face to look longer.

Oval Shaped Face:

With high and prominent cheekbones, the people with oval shaped face have tow line shape of the jawbone, which is bent towards the chin that means the jaw and the chin are in a curved shape. Oval shape face looks attractive in layers cutting and step cutting is also recommended.


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