How to Control High Blood Pressure in Urdu?


How to Control High Blood Pressure in Urdu?

High blood pressure is also known as hypertension, caused by the increase in blood circulation in the body. If High Blood Pressure is not treated on time, it can cause brain hemorrhage, coma and even death. For this reason it is vital that it be taken proper care of. The most important thing to know about high blood pressure control what it exactly it, what causes and what are the ways to treat this health condition.

How to Control high BP Naturally? :

Diagnosed high blood pressure is treated with regular medicines but one can keep high bp in control naturally with practicing healthy life style.There are lot of natural remedies to keep blood pressure in range. These may include

  1. Exercising five times a week. Trust us this is a healthy choice to make. Walk is also effective to control high blood pressure.
  2. One should control sodium ( salt) intake. Excessive salt is directly linked to high blood pressure.
  3. Avoid junk food. Junk foods are major cause of high blood pressure at first place.
  4. Beverages have high sugar in them. One bottle can contain upto 20 tbsp of sugar. Cut down beverage intake. Drink water and fresh juices instead.
  5. Caffeinated drinks must be limitized.
  6. Stress is a major cause of high blood pressure. Learn to manage stress as it is bad for both emotional and physical health.
  7. Eat healthy food and try to avoid frozen foods. Food in tins and cans are highly un-recommended for good health.
  8. Reduce alcohol intakes and quit smoking. Alcohol cause severe damages and smoking is injurious to health.
  9. Weight loss is important. Gain in weight can bring high blood pressure at your doorstep. So reduce weight and say good bye to high bp.
  10. Eat more fibre. Fibres not only help in reducing weight but also lowers your blood pressure.
  11. Eat food rich in potassium, calcium and minerals. Take natural supplements also to cover up for any nutritional deficiencies

Heart Pumping and Blood Pressure:

Human body contains 5-6 liters of blood depending on the sex and age. Almost 5 liters of blood passes through the heart and is purified every second. Heart separates deoxygenated blood from oxygenated blood, send the deoxygenated blood to the lungs for getting oxygen and the oxygenated blood to all part of the body. This process is done by the contraction & relaxation of the heart muscles, each cycle called a heart beat. After purifying the blood, it delivers the blood to all body parts through veins and arteries.

The amount of heart beats depends on the flow of blood from the heart. If the pressure of blood flow is high, the heart beat rate will also be higher. Same is the other way around. This increased or decreased blood pressure causes the veins & valves to contract and expand accordingly putting pressure on the blood vessels and the heart.


  • Headache
  • Vomit
  • Low energy level
  • Weak eye sight
  • Improper working of digestive system

How to measure the blood pressure & its diagnosis:

The first step in high blood pressure treatment is diagnosing whether a patient has high BP of low. If the blood circulation is 140 / 90 torr or higher, then it will be categorized as high blood pressure. 139 / 89 torr pressure is known as pre-hyper tension, which indicates that it is the starting point of blood pressure.

Diagnosis process needs to be carried according to following parameters:

  • Sample should be examined three times in a week.
  • If the blood pressure of the patient is very high then one should wait for half hour then check the blood pressure again.
  • The blood pressure is measured with a strip and from upper part of arm.
  • BP is measured in “mmhg”, which is known as Cardiac Output or heart rate; increased heart rate indicates high blood pressure.
  • According to the American Heart Association blood pressure in measured in two parameters; Dialectic mmhg and Systolic mmhg. In a healthy human being, the level of systolic & dialectic blood mmhg should be according to the following figures.
  • Systolic mmhg: hypertension < 90, 90 – 119
  • Dialectic mmhg: hypertension <60, 60 – 79

High Blood Pressure Treatment:

It important to avoid the things that cause high blood pressure in the first place. Hypertension is divided into five stages, first two stages are not very dangerous and by self precautions, you can prevent severe hypertension. At this stage patient should avoid foods with high fats, smoking & exercise regularly. Salt is the main cause of high blood pressure and drug therapy & Beta blockers are suggested for the patients. Eating a healthy diet and emphasizing on natural diet like fruits and vegetables can help control blood pressure a lot. If you have developed High BP, it is very important that you get checkup every now and then. Lastly, it depends on you that how much you are willing to control hypertension. Take things lightly, take exercise, take some time out for yourself away from routine life, go out with friends and add fun to your life. You won’t even know when you came out of it.


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